Statement by Ivan Yerovi, UNICEF Representative in Angola, on the brutal murder of two girls in Cacuaco, Luanda

19 November 2020

LUANDA, 19 November 2020 – “UNICEF has received reports that two girls were found murdered in Cacuaco province of Luanda. We express our deep and sincere condolences to their families. No words are enough to console the grieving families.

“We are horrified by these reported violent acts and condemn them in the strongest possible terms.

“The senseless loss of two children has disturbed us all. The barbaric nature of this reported crime is deeply distressing.

“Too many people turn a blind eye to the many forms of violence against children. This should not be acceptable in any society. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that children have the protection they need to thrive.

“UNICEF calls on the Government and the community to do everything in their hands to ensure that children are better protected.

"UNICEF supports the efforts of the Government of Angola to consolidate a system of Guarantees of Rights for Child Victims of Violence. UNICEF supports community-based child protection mechanisms through collaboration with child protection networks and civil society partners to prevent threats to child wellbeing. UNICEF has been assisting to improve the policies and services that protect Angolan children, so that all children can grow in a safe environment, free from any form of violence.

"In the fight against any form of violence, exploitation and abuse against children, UNICEF calls for the promotion of collaboration and coordination between sectors, the strengthening of referral institutions and case management, as well as awareness of care services and promoting access to such services."

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