Children of Albania series

05 March 2019

Hello, my name is Leo, I am 11 years old and here I am at my school[1]. I like coming here because I can play, watch the sky through the windows and eat pasta with sausages. My best friend is Rei, but also I like Aleksi and Tea as well. In the afternoons, I stay home with my dad and make crepes with my mum. I eat also fruits and select my clothing for the next day. Sometimes I cannot express with words what I feel, but Lona and Loreta are teaching me. My mum says kind words to me. I like music, especially “The train to Prizren” song. I like painting in green and violet. The first thing that comes to my mind when I draw is a baby carriage, because it reminds me of the good times I have passed with my granpa’ when I was a little child


[1] Leo calls school the Center for Social Services for Disabled Children and Youngsters “Help the Life”, in Prush, Tirana, where he gets the services after being diagnosed with autism.