Group reflection for professional development in Early Childhood Education Care



WANDA” is a reflection group method and the main goal is to improve the quality of experiences for children, families and staff through a group reflection process. This is connected to creating well-being for everybody within a competent system. This aim consists in the professional development of the participants that grow in their profession as individuals and as a group; on increasing and rediscovering appreciation towards the work (motivation) and towards the people involved (children, colleagues, parents, yourself, community) but also on building the Early Childhood Education Care practices that can deal with the increasing diversity in society (through appreciation and critical (self-) analysis).

This manual is primarily intended for professionals who work as supervisors, team leaders, the professional network leaders, coaches, trainers who offer pedagogical support to practitioners/teachers/ assistants and who are able to take on the role of a Wanda facilitator.

Z. Gerti Janaqi, Znj. Mirlinda Bushati, Znj. Aurela Zisi, Znj. Shqiponja Lamçe, Z. Esion Zgjana, Znj. Ermelinda Ikonomi
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