Roma children access to local government services in Albania

Part of the initiative "Every Roma Child in Kindergarten"


Many surveys and studies have shown the transformative impact that education is having on Roma children’s lives and their families. Recent data from civil society organisations and authorities is telling us that an ever-larger number of Roma children is attending kindergartens and basic education in Albania, despite discrimination that some of the Roma children face from white parents. Yet, once Roma children, especially girls, reach the age of puberty, cultural factors and their physical security, influences the parent’s decision to drop children out of school. Lack of enforcement of laws it means that there is no follow up from the authorities to make mandatory education (up to 15-16 years old) obligatory for all the families, despite of their practices or traditions.

The study took place within the framework of the Programme “Every Roma Child in Kindergarten”, a joint action of UNICEF Albania in cooperation with CRCA Albania, YWCA and OCR, funded respectively by Swiss Cooperation and Austrian Office for Cooperation and Development.

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