New cornerstone by-law is adopted to protect children from harmful and illegal content online.

Decision No. 465, date 3.7.2019, "Measures to protect children from harmful and illegal materials online"

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One of the key by-laws addressing "Measures to protect children from harmful and illegal materials online" was approved by the Council of Ministers.  The by-law defines the Article 27 of the  Law on the “Rights and Protection of the Child” and introduces for the first time a detailed legal provision on the protection of children accessing harmful and/or illegal content on the internet. Prior to this, existing legal definitions of harmful materials were too general and cases being left for individual interpretation and discretion of professionals addressing them.

The bylaw was drafted with UNICEF’s direct technical support and in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders. It regulates the institutional responsibilities and procedural framework relevant for the identification and response to cases of child abuse materials and broadly harmful content online. It further defines the concepts of “harmful internet content” and “removal of harmful content”, as well as the reporting and referral pathways to child online abuse, bullying and sexual exploitation, which have been vaguely outlined in the Article 27 of the Law.

UNICEF, with the support from the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children, works very closely with the Government of Albania and wide range of other key stakeholders, including the private sector and children themselves to advance rapidly emerging child protection concerns online.



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