Making a change in inclusive education in Albania

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This paper explains UNICEF Albania current work on inclusive education and offers perspectives for the period beyond 2016. The primary aim is to provide UNICEF in Albania as well as other partners interested in inclusive education with a concise description undertaken by the project interventions to undertake concrete, positive actions towards inclusion.

This paper gives suggestions for future possibilities and potential limitations, for future programming for MoES and UNICEF as well as other organizations and professionals working in the field of education and inclusion. This document will be updated on a regular basis to incorporate new learning and expertise from the project as well as to reflect developments and changes in national thinking on inclusive education.

The scope of the paper is to identify the road-map of advocacy, networking efforts, capacity building outcomes conducted as part of the initiative. The documentation and reporting of specific activities, challenges and results have been an integral part of deliveries by the NGO-s and the networks of collaborators, as part of monitoring and reporting component of the initiative. However, this paper goes beyond the scope of reporting, attempting to encompass the process of change brought about by the initiative undertaken. It aims to describe the map towards the outcomes, facilitating further program development.

Making a change in inclusive education in Albania
Lediona Asabella
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