Facing the challenges of inclusive education in Albania

Study report


The Albanian education system and its complexity are a heritage of a series of historical, political and social developments in the country. The right to education for all children even though it is included in the legislation, it seems that it creates a conflict with the rooted practices and structures of the Albanian society. Nowadays, education structures and attitudes that have been developed for more than five decades coexist with the new models of inclusion of children with disabilities and vulnerable children in mainstream schools.

The legal framework in Albania warrants the right to education for all children, regardless of their needs and special abilities. Law Nr. 69 of 2012 “On Pre – university education” calls for free and mandatory education and it applies to children aged 6-16 years old. Underlying the process of inclusion is the assumption that the general classroom teacher has certain knowledge and understanding about the needs of different learners, teaching techniques and curriculum strategies.

The aim of this study is to identify the gaps that hinder in-service and pre-service education practitioners in delivering inclusive education.

Facing the challenges of inclusive education in Albania
Veronika Duci; Marina Ndrio; Edmond Dragoti; Irida Agolli (Nasufi); Emanuela Ismaili
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English, Albanian

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