Advancing the Rights of Children and Youth

UNICEF Albania 2023


In 2023, UNICEF Albania continued its steadfast commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at advancing children’s rights and wellbeing. Strengthening existing partnerships and forging new alliances were pivotal in expanding and strengthening the reach and impact of initiatives across various program areas.

These partnerships spanned across governmental bodies, international bodies and organizations, academia, civil society, and sports organizations, fostering advancements in key areas of children’s rights.

UNICEF Albania appreciates the contributions of children, youth, and parents, whose active participation and feedback have been indispensable in informing and guiding UNICEF’s initiatives and programs.

Their engagement has not only enriched our work but has also empowered them as stakeholders in the decision-making processes that affect their lives, fostering a sense of ownership, inclusivity, and accountability within our interventions. In the year to come UNICEF Albania will continue its active engagement in EU processes, including positioning children’s rights into dialogues and instruments, such as the Child Guarantee, Youth Guarantee, and Western Balkan Growth Plan.

Our strategic involvement in these processes is poised to integrate child rights and positive gender norms in national policies and commitments and leverage any opportunities arising from EU accession negotiation.

UNICEF intends to amplify its advocacy guided by the 2023 Concluding Observation of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and forge new partnerships for the rights of every child in Albania.

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