UNICEF #TëBesoj campaign to stop Sexual Abuse of Children in Albania arrives to the city of Korça

16 December 2020
teBesoj Korce

Korça, 15 December 2020 -UNICEF Albania national campaign #TëBesoj arrived to the city of Korça and will stay there for two weeks.  The installation of around 50 children’s silhouettes, each bearing a real story of sexual abuse that happened to a child in Albania, is displayed at the “Pendonale” at the main city prominade.

“I was 11 years old when…

…I was sexually abused. Today, I am afraid of not being a virgin and of the issues I will have to face because of it. It took me 8 years to share this to someone… even to this day, I have not told anyone”.

“I was 12 years old...when a much older man sexually abused me, and ever since, I have been dealing with sexuality issues. It took me 12 years to finally talk about it to someone”.

These and many other stories of sexual abuse of children, told through the installation, aim to demonstrate that Sexual Abuse of Children is more widespread than one may imagine, that it is happening in the plain sight, and that it requires immediate and pro-active intervention.

The administrative data from the Albanian State police only confirm the most gruesome predictions of UNICEF - 60% of all sexual abuse cases in Albania are committed against children. In most cases the abuser is in the circle of trust of the child,  while in one third of the cases the abuser is a family member (Medialook Report, 2019).

Moreover, UNICEF’s own research “One Click Away” on children’s experiences online, suggests that one in ten children reported at least one unwanted sexual experience through the internet, and were mostly initiated by someone the child already knew.

The #TeBesoj installation will remain at the Square “Pedonale” for 2 weeks and then will travel to other major cities of Albania.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse and exploitation; foster a culture of speaking up about the phenomenon; encourage authorities to urgently prioritize policies and actions.

The launch of the #TeBesoj campaign start in Korça was joined by Ambassador of Sweden in Albania H.E. Mrs. Elsa Håstad, the Mayor of Korça Mr. Sotiraq Filo and the Secretary General of the Prefecture Ms. Mimoza Gusho. 

“With this campaign we want to break the silence around sexual abuse and exploitation of children who need answers! If they were here today, they would need to start trusting us, they would need to see and feel that we are believing them”- said in his opening remarks Dr. Roberto De Bernardi, UNICEF Representative in Albania.

The Swedish Ambassador said during her speech that “I want to call on the public to break the silence! The stories in the exhibition are sad and traumatic, but this does not mean we should avoid listening, reading and talking about them. The stories are not fiction - they are the facts. We must believe them. Believe and support girls and boys. Believe that support is available and there are services and knowledge and professional people that care and support”.

“All of us, particularly those who have certain obligations, both administrative, legal and moral, must do far more to address this problem, not with severe punishment, but above all, in the prevention of such cases. The role of local institutions in the process of punishment, prevention and treatment of the phenomenon is very critical” said the Mayor of Korça Mr. Filo in his opening remarks.

Korça became the fifth city in Albania after Tirana, Durrës, Shkodra and Berat to host the #TëBesoj Campaign contributing to UNICEF’s commitment to put an end to this horrendous crime.

The collection of stories happened only within a few weeks’ time thanks to great support and collaboration of Nisma ARSIS, Foundation Together Albania and National Child Helpline Alo 116.

About the installation

#TëBesoj is a public installation, consisting of children’s silhouettes (boys and girls) each bearing a story of a real sexual abuse and exploitation that happened to a child in Albania. Behind each story, there is a real child, a real person, still suffering the consequences from the abuses that happened to them. The stories do not include children’s names or any other information that may lead to their identification.

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