Albanian government with breakthrough strategy on justice for children

20 September 2018
Council of Ministers

Tirana, September 20, 2018 – The Council of Ministers of Albania approves in yesterday’s meeting 4-year Justice for Children Strategy that is developed with UNICEF support. This is the first time the executive of this country develops a dedicated policy framework, with objectives, actions and budgets to build child-friendly justice in Albania. 

Adoption of the Strategy is good news for many children who seek remedies for violations of their rights and their families: it is a reaffirmation of children’s right to justice; it provides a foundation for public investment in making justice work for children; and it provides a direction for the many professionals who support children in interacting with the justice system, in the areas of criminal, administrative, civil and family law. 

The Strategy, developed by the Ministry is a joint contribution of several experts from the Ministry and UNICEF specialists, and it reflects the views of various international and national stakeholders, including children and their families. 

“On behalf of UNICEF, I would like to commend the Council of Ministers of Albania, and particularly the Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj for their strong commitment to advance child rights and particularly their right to justice, as proclaimed by the Convention of the Rights of the Child and reaffirmed by the CRC Committee. 

The Strategy orients public efforts in ensuring implementation of the Criminal Justice for Children Code, on the one hand, and it addresses children’s equitable access to all areas of justice, on the other. Collective and coordinated action to ensure full implementation, from the side of the public authorities, but also with the support of national and international stakeholders, remains now crucial”, says Roberto De Bernardi, UNICEF Representative. 

UNICEF salutes this major development and stands ready to continue its support for child-friendly justice in Albania, as part of the country’s overall efforts for justice system reform.

The Justice for Children Strategy will contribute to: 

  • Guarantee children’s access to justice;
  • Ensure fair trial for children;
  • Prevent re-involvement of children in delinquency;
  • Re-socialise, reintegrate and rehabilitate children in contact or in conflict with the law; 
  • Strengthen inter-agency collaboration on justice for children. 

The Strategy demonstrates the political will of the Government of Albania to view justice for children as a crucial component of the Justice System Reform as well as a contributor to Albania’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and its EU accession efforts. 

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