Children and HIV and AIDS

Real lives

Nina counsels others: HIV/AIDS is not the end
KHERSON OBLAST, Ukraine, December 2004 – Nina Gordeyeva is a young mother and social worker who works at Mangoost, a local foundation supported by UNICEF, which provides support to HIV-positive women.

UNICEF gives hope to HIV-positive mothers
ODESSA, Ukraine, 23 December 2004 – Ira and her husband Sasha are amongst the quarter of a million people believed to be HIV-positive in Ukraine.

Abandoned babies find a loving home
MASERU, 29 October 2004 – The babies being cared for at the Beautiful Gate orphanage in Maseru, Lesotho are true survivors.

Paradise lost in Mozambique as children grow up alone and vulnerable
XAI XAI, Mozambique, 1 June 2004 – The Langa sisters spend their afternoons studying in the shade. Today the birds are singing and the sun is still shining as the afternoon slips into evening.

Frida’s story
Frida is an orphan living at the Anglican Children's Project, Lusaka, Zambia. The Anglican Children's Project is supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). This is her story in her own words…

Theatre fights stigma and discrimination
Members of a young people’s association in the city of Awassa, Ethiopia, used to be greeted by insults when they went from door to door in an effort to educate their community about HIV/AIDS. Today, their reception is entirely different.

Heading a household at age 14
Justin, a 14-year-old boy from the Ndirande Township on the outskirts of Blantyre, Malawi, has a lot of responsibility for a boy his age. His father died from what he believes was an AIDS-related illness in 1999. Six months later, his mother died as well and Justin found himself the head of his household.

The Sangha Metta monks demonstrate compassion in action in assisting orphans
When Luang Pi Daeng, a little boy in Sisaket Province of north-east Thailand, lost his mother and found himself alone in the world, he did what many destitute Thais do. He sought shelter at Wat Hua Rin, a Buddhist temple in his region.

In Ghana defeating AIDS is a matter of attitude
Have you ever seen a fisherman with AIDS before? It's not real. It never happens here. At best, even when it does, the salt in the sea is enough to kill the virus," says a young fisherman in the Chorkor area of Ghana's capital, Accra. He is not alone in his view.

Mother and child benefit from Botswana government’s resolve to fight HIV/AIDS
When Dineo, a single mother in Gaborone, Botswana, found out she was pregnant in the spring of 1999, she was terrified. Dineo has tested positive for HIV and she was afraid she would give the virus to her child.

Keeping infants safe in India
Geeta, a 23-year-old woman in Chennai, India, had no reason to suspect that she was HIV-positive. She had been married for only two months when she became pregnant.

Sankara’s story of survival
Sankara Ntawukuriryayo was born in Rwanda in 1986 and was the first son of the director of the local primary school. In 1994, when he was seven years old, war broke out in Rwanda and he and his family were forced into exile in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they lived in a refugee camp.




Young leaders fighting HIV/AIDS