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HIV/AIDS and children


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Eustice, 19, is head of this household in Zambia. Her parents and elder sister died of AIDS.

For too long, children have been the missing face in the HIV and AIDS response and their needs are often being overlooked. Yet, they are the ones who offer the greatest hope for defeating the epidemic.

Globally, 2.3 million children are living with HIV. In 2005, around 380,000 children died of AIDS and 540,000 children got newly infected. Over 15 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

HIV and AIDS and its impact on children continues to remain at the core of UNICEF’s work. This is reflected both in our Medium-Term Strategic Plan and the launch of the UNITE FOR CHILDREN. UNITE AGAINST AIDS CAMPAIGN being implemented with a multitude of partners. The campaign goals are congruent with UNICEF’s corporate priorities and the Millennium Development Goals.

UNICEF seeks to make a difference in the lives of children affected by AIDS by: (1) preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV and providing paediatric treatment, (2) preventing infection among adolescents and young people, and (3) by protecting and supporting children affected by HIV/AIDS.




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