How to endorse the Framework

Thank you for your interest in endorsing the Framework for the Protection, Care and Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Living in a World with HIV/AIDS. The framework was adopted in 2003 by several UN organisations, bilateral donors and NGOs as a framework for protecting and promoting the rights of children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS.

In addition to representing your support with the inclusion of your organisation's logo, UNICEF looks forward to working with you further on the actual support and implementation of the principles and strategies outlined in the Framework through the Inter-Agency Task Team, technical working groups, the Global Partners Forum on children affected by HIV/AIDS; and other global processes. But most importantly, at country level, in terms of supporting national action planning processes and ensuring that national financial and political commitments are making a real difference for children.

Organizations that have endorsed the Framework as of May 2007:

Necessary Documents

To endorse the Framework and to have your logo included on the backside of the document (see picture on the left), please submit the following two documents:

- an official request on your organization's letterhead
- your organization's logo (see below for logo requirements)

You can either send both documents in electronic version to or send the hardcopy of the letter plus a digital version of the logo to:

HIV/AIDS Section
3 UN Plaza, H-10A
New York, NY 10017

Logo Requirements:  
You may send your existing electronic file used in your high-resolution print pieces (such as brochures, annual report, etc.). This file must be a high-resolution one and is usually available with your Graphics Department, Agency or Printer. The logo file can be any high-end graphics format, including Vector EPS, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, TIFF, bitmap EPS, Adobe Photoshop, PDF. If sending a Photoshop (.psd) file, it should be a high-resolution original (such as a master file used to create your print version) and not any other low-resolution format resaved as a .psd or other bitmap.





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