02 June 2024

Additional Financing for the World Bank-financed Health Emergency Response project in Afghanistan (HER AF)

The World Bank is financing the Additional Financing to the Afghanistan Health Emergency Response (HER AF) project implemented by UNICEF, WFP and their respective NGO Service Providers (SPs), Cooperating Partners (CPs), and contractors to provide essential health services to the population of Afghanistan. The project development objective (PDO) for the Additional Financing is to increase the utilization and quality of essential health and nutrition services in Afghanistan. The words “and nutrition” have been added to reflect both the enhanced focus on promoting nutritional outcomes among vulnerable pregnant women and mothers of young children.The project consists of three components:Urgent provision of essential primary and secondary healthcare (UNICEF)Strengthening service delivery and project coordination (UNICEF)Strengthening demand and access to anhance nutritional outcomes among the most vulnerable (WFP)In line with the World Bank ESF as well as relevant national laws, each agency’s respective ES policies, UNICEF and WFP have revised this ESMF which was prepared under the parent Afghanistan Health Emergency Response Project (P178775). These revisions include the proposed changes to the scope of the project including the new component 3 on the Maternal and Child Benefit Program. This updated ESMF further builds on lessons learned from the parent project to ensure the effective management of E&S risks.