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Adolescents and youth


Within these pages you will find a wide selection of resources. They include UNICEF publications, working papers and guidance notes relating to adolescence, links to other useful websites, and information on events and conferences with which UNICEF has been associated.

Participation Resources

Conceptual Framework for Measuring Outcomes of Adolescent Participation - 2018

A Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluation Children’s Participation - A 10-step guide to monitoring and evaluating children’s participation - 2014

Take Us Seriously! Engaging Children with Disabilities in Decisions Affecting their Lives - 2013

A Handbook on Child Participation in Parliament - Principles for child participation - 2011

Beyond the Stereotypes: Explore the diverse experiences of what it is like to be young in the world through a series of essays and messages submitted by adolescents all around the world - Article - Document - 2011

Finding their voice: engaging adolescents in meaningful participation strategies
Adolescent participation in Latin America and the Caribbean - English - Spanish - 2010

Children as Advocates: Strengthening Child and Young People’s Participation in Advocacy Fora - 2010

Every Child's Right To Be Heard - A resource guide on the un committee on the rights of the child general comment no.12 - 2009

General Comment 12: The right to be heard - Text from the Committee on the Rights of Child, 51st Session, 2009.

The Participation of Children and Young People in UNICEF Country Programme and National Committee Activities
“We are not the sources of problems; we are the resources that are needed to solve them” - 2009



The participation rights of adolescents: A strategic approach - 2002

Children’s Participation: From tokenism to citizenship
Innocenti Research Center Essay - Rodger A Hart - 2001



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