Child and youth participation resource guide




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A meeting of the youth group ‘Young People We Care’ (YPWC), in Zimbabwe. YPWC is a UNICEF-assisted counselling and peer support group for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

The list of key websites on children’s participation provides a summary of some of the most important portals, networks, listservs, and organizations for child and youth participation. These websites provide a rich source of information and are good starting points for a search of
resources for children’s participation. Beyond this group of websites, there is a growing number of NGOs, UN agencies and research institutions that support child and youth participation without necessarily using the term ‘children’s participation’. A broader web search using terms,
such as ‘child-centred’, ‘child-friendly’, ‘child rights’, ‘youth involvement’ or ‘youth citizenship’ may uncover additional useful materials on children’s participation.

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