Child and youth participation resource guide

Participation in programme areas



© UNICEF/HQ06-1230/ Zaidi
Pakistani students participating in the EYE SEE II project for earthquake-affected children

This part presents resources on children’s participation in a wide range of programme areas and settings. This section shows that child and youth participation is becoming a mainstream issue (e.g. in HIV and AIDS programming) and has moved beyond the traditional realm of child rights organizations. The nature, purpose and focus of children’s participation differ significantly between programme areas and issues. In health, water, sanitation and emergency relief programmes, children’s involvement focuses largely on children’s contributions to research and programme implementation. In education, the emphasis is more on child development. HIV and AIDS initiatives promote children’s rights to information and their active involvement in prevention activities. Children’s participation is a key element of self-protection. Some of the most political forms of children’s participation have been developed by child workers.

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