Child and youth participation resource guide


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A peer educator discusses HIV/AIDS prevention with a group of adolescents in Barangay Apelo, a slum area near Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

This guide presents resources on child and youth participation from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and the Pacific. Most of the materials are available in electronic form and have been included in the CD-ROM that is part of this guide. The main audiences for this resource guide are practitioners and managers involved in promoting child and youth participation in government, community-based organizations, child-led organizations, NGOs and UN and donor agencies.

This annotated bibliography is selective rather than exhaustive. It provides an overview of existing resources and assists readers in seeking further information through the listed websites and organizational links. The guide focuses on materials in English that have broad relevance and applicability and are available electronically. The bibliography concentrates largely on the participation of under-18-year-olds. It does not attempt to systematically include the considerable literature on the participation of young adults. Users are referred to the Guide to the Global Youth Movement, which offers an excellent resource directory on youth issues.

Documents listed in this guide are organized into four broad categories and 27 thematic areas. The thematic areas demonstrate the wide range of activities in which children and young people are involved. This is a reference document, and most users will read specific chapters rather than the whole guide from cover to cover. Accordingly, many resources have been cited more than once in the bibliography since topics overlap and some resources cover more than oneissue related to children’s participation. The descriptions of the resources are often based on the notes presented on the websites.

As this resource guide shows, documents are available on children’s participation in education, HIV prevention, health, hygiene and sanitation promotion, environmental protection, urban planning, emergency response and preparedness, and the protection of children and adolescents from exploitation, violence and abuse, to name only a few.



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