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Participation resource guide



Portals, networks, listservs

Advocates for Youth
Advocates for Youth network contains more than 10,000 youth working together to fight for accurate sexual health information and services.

At the Table
At the Table provides resources and information on how to involve young people in decision making. The website has documents for downloading and links to agencies promoting youth participation in adult organizations.

Child Participation In South Asia
This listserv has more than 1,000 subscribers from around the world and is a useful forum for disseminating materials, posting messages and questions, and for organizing discussions on children’s participation.

Children as Partners
CAP is a website designed by children and adults to promote meaningful partnerships. It contains publications, tools and research reports on children’s participation.

Children’s House
This interactive resource centre has many sections on various child-related issues, such as child rights, research, early childhood development, education and so on. Each section has some relevant resources on children’s participation.

Children’s Rights Alliance for England
CRAE is an alliance of over 320 organizations committed to children’s rights. The website has a section called Ready Steady Change, which includes resources, publications and training tools on children’s participation.

Children’s and Young People’s Participation Learning Network
This network seeks to stimulate thinking, policy and practice concerning children’s and young people’s participation. The website offers sections on a range of aspects and links to other websites and to network members working on children’s participation in the UK.

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)
CRIN is a global network that disseminates information about children’s rights and participation. CRIN publishes a newsletter on children’s rights and presents extensive information about children’s rights and participation according to different themes. It also features previous issues of the newsletter on children’s participation.

Childwatch International
Childwatch is an international network of childhood researchers and research institutes. The website includes information on projects, research proposals and links to electronic newsletters and resources.

Child Workers in Asia Foundation
CWA is a network of nearly 100 NGOs working on child labour issues in Asia. The website has information on its Task Forces on Children’s Participation in South and Southeast Asia.

Eldis Resource Guide on Children and Young People
This online resource guide offers access to key documents, organizations, research and other resources on children and youth. The website is categorized by themes and has a resource section on child and youth participation that is updated regularly.

Institute of Development Studies
The home page of the Participation Group at the Institute of Development Studies is one of the leading sources of information on the research and practice of citizen participation and on participatory approaches to development.

Latin-American Youth Directory
This website has an extensive database of youth organizations in Latin America. Organizations are classified according to categories for easy reference.

Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with and for Children (MAGIC)
The MAGIC website is for media initiatives aimed at involving young people. This site offers many resources for parents, children, teachers and others who involve children in media work. It has a useful resource section with downloads and links to other relevant sites.

NSW New Commission for Children and Young People
This Australian website has a resources and publications section that has many useful and practical references on children’s participation.

Participation.net is a global, online space for sharing ideas about the participation of people in
development, citizenship, governance and rights.

Participation Works
This web portal hosts comprehensive information on children’s participation, with access to policy, practice, networks and information from across the UK.

Resource Centres for Participatory Learning and Action
RCPLA is an international network of organizations that promote the empowerment of disadvantaged people through participation in their own development. The website allows members to share resources and experiences about Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approaches.

Save the Children Alliance
The International Save the Children Alliance has 27 members and works in over 100 countries to protect the rights of children. The website contains links to member organizations and includes resources on children’s participation, education, conflict, HIV/AIDS, emergencies, child abuse and exploitation. Among the members, Save the Children Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and UK have extensive databases and resources on children’s participation. Many materials are available online or for purchase.

Save the Children Sweden, Southeast, East Asia and Pacific Region
This website contains many useful resources specific to the region, especially on children’s participation, child labour, the UN Study on Violence Against Children, and the physical and emotional punishment of children.

United Nations Environment Programme’s website for children and youth includes useful information on their active involvement in preserving the planet.

UNESCO Youth portal for Latin America

This site includes information on UNICEF’s initiatives for children and adolescents. The publications link provides information by region, topic and publication date.

Voices of Youth
This site provides a global electronic discussion forum for youth on children’s rights.

Youth HIV
A website that is created by and for HIV-positive youth and peer educators. It is a project created by Advocates for Youth and offers useful information and recommendations on support services.

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