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Participation resource guide



Organizations, institutes, journals

Article 12
Article 12 is a children’s rights organization run by children younger than 18 for under-18-year-olds.

Barnardo’s works with vulnerable children and young people in the UK. The resources section on the website lists information on children’s participation and citizenship.

Bernard van Leer Foundation
The Bernard van Leer Foundation works to improve opportunities for children between the ages 0 and 8 who live in circumstances of social and economic disadvantage. The website provides information on early childhood projects, publications and links to many organizations and resources. The publications section includes newsletters and working papers on the participation of younger children.

Canadian International Development Agency
CIDA’s website includes many publications related to children’s participation under the Child Protection section.

Carnegie Young People Initiative
CYPI is an initiative of the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, set up to increase the involvement of children and young people in decisions that affect them. The website includes many useful resources on children’s participation.

Child Friendly Cities
UNICEF’s Child Friendly Cities initiative promotes cities where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are an integral part of public policies, programmes and decisions. The website includes information on child-friendly city frameworks, toolkits and directories of partner organizations and a bibliography.

Children’s Environment Research Group
The CERG research group focuses on participatory research with children on environmental issues. The website offers information on participatory environmental projects with children and research publications.

Children’s Research Centre
The main objective of the Children’s Research Centre is to empower children as active researchers. The website includes examples of research conducted by children and other useful resources and links.

Children, Youth and Environments
CYE is an international, interdisciplinary journal available online for free. The website includes peer-reviewed research articles, field reports, book reviews, a database of individuals and organizations worldwide, a calendar of upcoming events, an extensive searchable bibliography and video links.

Concerned for Working Children
CWC is a south India-based NGO advocating for the rights of working children. The website includes information on CWC’s publications and projects, including Dhruva, CWC’s training unit on children’s participation.

ECPAT International
ECPAT works to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The website presents ECPAT’s initiatives and resources on child and youth participation under International Projects.

ENDA is an international NGO based in Dakar, Senegal. One of ENDA’s focus areas is to support working children and youth in Africa. The website provides information about the African Movement of Working Children and Youth and an extensive list of links to organizations working for the rights of child labourers around the world.

Every Child Matters
This site contains useful information on children’s health, healthy schools, mental health and the participation of children and young people.

Freechild Project
This site includes a database of resources on youth action. It makes social change action, education and resources accessible for young people from around the world. The site hosts information on children and youth participation in philanthropy, schools, politics, local governance, libraries, non-profit organizations, media, international activism and advocacy.

Global Movement for Children
GMC is a worldwide movement of organizations and people to build a world fit for children. The website offers information on the work of the ten leading organizations of the movement.

Global Youth Action Network
GYAN is a youth-led network that facilitates youth participation. The website features resources on the Millennium Development Goals and youth and links to related websites on youth action and initiatives globally.

Growing Up in Cities
UNESCO’s Growing Up in Cities project aims to create child-friendly urban environments for children. The website has a useful publications section and links to country activities.

HIV/AIDS Impact on Education Clearinghouse
This clearinghouse has many resources on HIV and AIDS and children.

Hope's Voice International
This is a HIV and AIDS organization committed to promoting the education and prevention of HIV and AIDS among young adults. It aims to empower HIV positive youth to be leaders in educating their communities and be catalysts for change around the globe. Hope's Voice International uses open dialogue and peer-to-peer education, through both speaker appearances of young adults living with HIV and AIDS and the "Does HIV Look Like Me?" campaign to send this crucial message: HIV and AIDS does not discriminate.

Innocenti Research Centre
UNICEF’s research institute conducts research on a wide range of children’s issues. The website includes publications and research reports on children’s rights and participation.

Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development
The Innovation Center works with youth and adults, communities and organizations to enhance youth participation in creating a just and equitable society. The website presents resources on youth–adult partnership, community development, youth in citizenship and decision making.

International Institute for Child Rights and Development
IICRD works at local and international levels to promote children’s rights. The website includes information on projects and publications, including a Children as Partners bibliography on children’s participation.

National Children’s Bureau
The NCB undertakes research, evaluations and development projects to provide evidence for influencing policies and to develop best practices on participation and youth citizenship.

National Youth Agency
The NYA promotes young people’s voice, influence and place in society. The website provides details of conferences, events, publications, training materials and other resources on youth participation. It has links to many partner sites, including Hear by Right, an online learning site on youth participation.

Plan International
This section gives an overview of children’s involvement in Plan’s programmes and provides a list of relevant publications. Many country-level examples of children’s participation are listed under child-centred community development, education, water and sanitation, and specific country programmes.

This site includes information and resources on working children’s movements.

Refugee Studies Centre
The RSC focuses on research on forced migration and refugee issues. The website contains useful publications on children’s participation in conflict situations.

Save the Children, Canada
The resource section on this website has many useful reports and publications on children’s rights and participation.

Save the Children, Sweden
This site includes information and resource materials on children’s rights issues, including children’s participation. It also hosts an extensive library of SCS’s resources.

Save the Children, UK
The section on resources includes many publications and materials on child rights, child protection and children’s participation.

World Bank
This is a site on participation and civic engagement with direct links to sources on participatory tools and methods.

World Vision International
The publication section in this website offers magazines, reports and books on child rights and children’s participation and links to World Vision’s country programmes.

Youth at the United Nations
This website has useful information on youth, including the World Youth Report 2005. It covers issues related to youth participation, youth and MDGs, and others.

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