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Civil society partnerships

Partnership in Humanitarian response

Simplified tools and procedures relating to partnership helps timely and effective response during emergencies and humanitarian response. Small Scale Funding Agreements and Programme Cooperation Agreements using the Simplified Humanitarian Programme Document (Annex B) are the main options available in a joint response.

Contingency PCA: country offices are encouraged to have preparedness plans with CSO partners in place in case of an emergency. Contingency programme documents, Annex B, are very helpful for a streamlined and timely response. A signed and up-to-date PCA, including Annex B, should always be available. Since the PCA can only be valid over a certain time frame it is important to re-assess the PCA and consider renewal before its expiration.  At the time of response the PCA can be easily activated with small adjustments to targets and budget items based on the scale of response. 

Advantages of using SSFA: SSFA is a small document which is easy to develop to kick start the response and allows immediate transfer of cash and supplies while the PCA/Programme document is under development. $50,000 can be paid in cash within a twelve month period plus 3 months of required emergency supplies. 

Benefits of PCA with Annex B: Annex B can be signed with an ongoing SSFA or added to an existing PCA. Annex B must be used for first three month of emergency response. If the emergency is declared an L2 or L3, the country office can continue using Annex B, otherwise it should move to Annex C. There is no cap of cash and supplies in Annex B, and it is far simpler and easier to develop than Annex C.    

Simplified processes: Direct selection or a closed group call for expression of interest can be used during humanitarian response.  UNICEF offices may increase the threshold of internal review or expand the PCA Review Committee to fast track the review process. To simplify the budgeting, UNICEF and the CSO partner can also choose to estimate the programme management cost as simply 25% of the operational cost and to add that 25% to the budget instead of detailing the programme management costs in budget line items. Similarly, the progress report on activities required from the partner through the simplified process is quite simple and easy to deliver.



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