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Civil society partnerships

Benefits of Partnership between UNICEF and Civil Society Organizations

What are the benefits of partnering with civil society?

Stronger advocacy for children’s rights – Partnerships can mobilize people and public opinion to build greater momentum for policy change locally, nationally and globally.

Transformative potential – Partnerships provide opportunities to leverage strengths to transform societies.

Greater aid effectiveness – As expressed in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action, partnerships can greatly enhance the effectiveness of aid. Given the challenging global economic environment, partnerships are essential to ensure that aid targets the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Innovations for children – Partnerships create opportunities to strengthen innovative approaches and programming for children.

Strengthened knowledge base –Partnerships allow for a greater exchange and transfer of knowledge across organizations in different fields of expertise.

Additional resources for children and UNICEF-supported programmes – Through partnerships, financial resources can be mobilized from governments, foundations and the corporate sector for children’s programming and services.


What are the benefits of partnering with UNICEF?

Convening power –UNICEF uses its unique position to convene both public and non-public stakeholders around children’s rights issues at the local, national and global levels. 

Global reach and country presence – With a strong presence in 190 countries, UNICEF is an influential actor that can foster greater alignment between global initiatives and national development strategies, acting as a conduit between local actors and global policymaking processes.

Technical expertise and efficient procurement – Through partnering with UNICEF, many CSOs have benefited from its technical expertise in matching local work to international priorities, preparing high-quality funding proposals and procuring resources.

Building capacity–UNICEF helps to strengthen CSO capacity by: 1) enhancing knowledge and technical skills; 2) introducing new technologies for effective service delivery; and 3) strengthening delivery approaches and organizational and management systems.

Making innovations accessible – UNICEF seeks to identify and scale up delivery of innovative life-saving interventions, including through the use of new technologies.

Catalysing behaviour and policy change –UNICEF makes a crucial difference by advocating for the development of policies and mechanisms that protect child rights and, by raising public awareness around children’s issues.

Financial support – Through project cooperation agreements and small-scale funding agreements with CSOs, UNICEF can provide financial support for programme-related costs of the partnership.




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