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Reaching the Children of the Urban Poor
Date Created 16-Aug-1978
Record Number CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/1998-03538
Urban basic services: reaching women and children of the urban poor - Report by the Executive DIrector
Date Created 05-Mar-1982
Record Number CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2003-01684
Urban Basic Services: reaching children of the urban poor - A summary of nine case studies
Date Created 16-Apr-1982
Record Number CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2003-01685
Urban Basic Services: Reaching women and children of the urban poor
Date Created 07-Jun-1982
Record Number CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2003-01686
Urban Primary Health Care. Health Services for the Urban Poor. A process and a product. UNICEF newsletter, UNICEF UE-4, "Urban Examples for basic services development in cities", March 1983.
Date Created 01-Mar-1983
Record Number CF-RAI-USAA-PD-GEN-2007-000090
Report from Mohonk: Children and Development in the 1990's - [CF/EXD/1989-016] Programme goals and operational strategies for UNICEF (22-25 October 1989) - [Background Document #23 - Urban Concerns and the Goals for the 1990s]
Date Created 22-Oct-1989
Record Number CF/RAI/NYHQ/SP/SSC/2002-01034
Guatemala: Urban Basic Services - Early history; Institutional Coordination; Advocacy; Primary Health Care; Water and sanitation;
Date Created 01-Jul-1991
Record Number CF/RAI/USAA/DB01/HS/1996-0209
UNICEF History Series Monograph XIV- Urban Basic Services in UNICEF - A Historical Overview
Date Created 01-Oct-1992
Record Number CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-01519
Urban Basic Services in India
Date Created 01-Oct-1992
Record Number CF-RAI-NYHQ-PD-2004-00001
Review of Urbanization Issues Affecting Children and Women in the Eastern and Southern African Region
Date Created 01-Mar-1996
Record Number CF-RAI-USAA-DB01-2003-963845

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