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Audrey Hepburn's statements, messages and press coverage with UNICEF

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Audrey Hepburn -- Special Events Note No. 126, Travel wrap up of Spring 1988
Date Created 19-Apr-1988 at 16:13
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000044
Audrey Hepburn, Goodwill Ambassador -- UNICEF Profile 1988-89, includes trip summaries and quotes.
Date Created 01-Apr-1989 at 15:48
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000021
Audrey Hepburn's Statement to the UNICEF Executive Board. 21 April 1989
Date Created 21-Apr-1989 at 15:49
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000033
Children's Champion Award of Washington Advisory Council of United States Committee for UNICEF to Audrey Hepburn. Message by Mr. James P. Grant, Executive Director, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Washington, DC - 28 March 1990
Date Created 28-Mar-1990
Record Number CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2003-00168
Audrey Hepburn -- letter from Jan Martenson, Director-General, United Nations Office at Geneva on Hepburn's drawing for UNICEF FIrst day cover stamp - 13 Dec 1990
Date Created 13-Dec-1990 at 16:11
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000037
UNICEF Audrey Hepburn bio as of January 1991 including activities and advocacy
Date Created 01-Jan-1991 at 15:49
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000030
Audrey Hepburn -- Statements at the National Committee Meeting. Geneva, 27 Jan 1991
Date Created 27-Jan-1991 at 15:49
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000035
Rights of the Child, First Day Cover from June 14 1991, 'Droits de L'enfant' with drawing by Audrey Hepburn, and signed by Audrey Hepburn. Geneva, Switzerland - for original tif file see previous version in RAMP-TRIM
Date Created 14-Jun-1991
Record Number CF/RAI/USAA/DB01/HS/2004-00123
Message from Audrey Hepburn during TOYP Awards Presentation, Helsinki, November 1991
Date Created 01-Nov-1991 at 15:49
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000031
Speech by Audrey Hepburn, Press Conference at the conclusion of 'Wiesbaden for UNICEF' 12 Dec 199 and at Launch of State of the World's Children Report, Brussels, 19 December 1991
Date Created 19-Dec-1991 at 15:48
Record Number CF-RAD-USAA-DB01-2005-00000026

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