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UNICEF History

Audio interviews with former UNICEF staff members

Audio interviews with a number of former long-term UNICEF staff members are available through United Nations Yak, a privately maintained social and humanitarian development site (hosted by Yaktivate, a podcast network).

Among those interviewed are a former UNICEF Executive Director, two former Deputy Executive Directors, and other UNICEF staff who were involved in the evolution of various aspects of the organization’s work for children. 

About United Nations Yak: Also known as The Yakkers’ Corner, the site was created in 2007 by Muriel Glasgow, a UNICEF staff member from 1966-1998. The site aims to communicate the ongoing relevance of the work of the United Nations and of other organizations and individuals involved in international and sustainable development, and follows their contributions towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Ms. Glasgow was named 'Ambassador of Peace' and is a United Nations Mentor.

Interviews in streaming audio format

The following interviews with former UNICEF staff members are hosted at United Nations Yak (external links).

Jack Ling (former UNICEF Director, Information Division)
Part 1, Part 2

Martin Beyer (former UNICEF Chief of Water and Sanitation)
Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

Moncef Bouhafa (while at UNICEF, worked in communication and social mobilization)
Part 1

Muriel Glasgow (with UNICEF from 1966-1998)
Part 1

David P. Haxton (former UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia)
Part 1, Part 2

Ibrahim Jabr (29 years with UNICEF)
Part 1

Agop Kayayan (officer with UNICEF in Brazil Office and Guatemala Area Office, 1978-1998)
Part 1Part 2Part 3

Fouad Kronfol (former UNICEF Director of Personnel and Special Advisor to the Executive Director; with UNICEF from 1959-1995)
Part 1

Mary Racelis (former UNICEF Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Karin Sham Poo (former UNICEF Comptroller and Deputy Executive Director (1987-2004); with UNICEF from 1985-2004)
Part 1, Part 2

Ann M. Veneman (former UNICEF Executive Director, 2005-2010):
Part 1

Marco Vianello-Chiodo (former UNICEF Director of Programme Funding Office and Deputy Executive Director for External Relations (1988-1993); with UNICEF from 1984-1993)
Part 1 , Part 2



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