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UNICEF History

Documents and reports

Available here is a selection of significant historical documents and reports about UNICEF generally, which were not published in book or monograph form. For historical books and monographs, please refer to the Historical books and publications page. For information on specific issues in development, please refer to the Research requests page currently under development.

Date: 1946-1948
United Nations Resolutions establishing and guiding UNICEF
Description: Six United Nations Resolutions (General Assembly or ECOSOC) establishing UNICEF and guiding its early work.
Author: United Nations

Date: 16 March 1947
 The International Children’s Emergency Fund 
Description: Article from US Department of State Bulletin: History to date, purposes, finances and administration of UNICEF.
Author: John Charnow

Date: 2 December 1948
The Work of the United Nations' International Children's Emergency Fund
Description: Statements to the General Assembly by the Honorable Eleanor Roosevelt, United States Delegation, and the Honorable Alan Watt, Australian Delegation. These statements drew to the attention of governments the necessity for prompt contributions to the Fund.
Author: n/a

Date: 22 January 1951
Final Report of UNICEF's First Executive Board Session
Description: The Report addresses UNICEF's work, methods and funding over the period 11 December 1946-31 December 1950. (See also the history of the Executive Board.)

Date: 25 March 1953
Special Report of UNICEF’s Executive Board, March 1953
Description: This Report was issued prior to the General Assembly's decision later that year to extend UNICEF’s mandate on a permanent basis. (See also the Milestones: 1946-1955.)

Date: September 1964
Planning for the Needs of Children in the National Plans of Developing Countries
Description: The issuance of this report marked a milestone in supporting the development of national policies for children in each country.
Author: Herman D. Stein

Date: June 1966
UNICEF – The United Nations’ Children’s Fund
Description: Article from the Department of State Bulletin, describing the evolution of UNICEF policies and programmes.
Author: Blanche Bernstein

Date: 1978
Title: Alma-Ata 1978, Primary Health Care
Description: Report of the International Conference on primary health care, held in Alma-Ata, USSR, 6-12 September 1978. Includes the Alma Ata Declaration, as well as the Background, Summary of Discussions, and the joint report of the Director-General of the World Health Organisation and the Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund. The ground-breaking Declaration linked a rights-based appproach to health to a viable strategy for its achievement.
Author: WHO

Date: January 1986
The contribution of UNICEF to the peace process
Description: The article summarizes the contributions of the organization to the realization of a vision of peace described as "not only...the absence of war but the right to live and grow."
Author: John Charnow

Date: 27-29 October 1986
Title: Children First conference report
Description: ‘Children First’ is the report of the intergovernmental conference on South Asian children, held in 1986, which served as a model for future conferences on children including the World Summit for Children.
Author: SAARC Conference in coooperation with UNICEF

Date: 12 March 1988
Title: Declaration of Talloires
Description: The Talloires Declaration (1988) on goals related to survival and health of children, was a contributing document for the goals eventually endorsed at the World Summit for Children.
Author: The Task Force For Child Survival

Date: 13 June 1988
Title: Memo: Strategies for Children for the 1990s
Description: Memo from UNICEF Executive Director Jim Grant to senior managers, setting out a direction for developing strategies for children in the subsequent decade. This work led in part to the World Summit for Children. Included with the memo are 2 Executive Board resolutions, one on the need for a global strategy for the well-being of children, and the other urging governments to set long-term objectives for improving the situation of children.
Author: Jim Grant



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