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UNICEF History

The Children and the Nations

The Story of UNICEF

Children and the Nations Cover

Published in 1986. Development historian Maggie Black describes the evolution of ideas about how to attack hunger and poverty in the third world, the heroic endeavours made and the triumphs and disillusionments of their well-intentioned practitioners. She reaches beyond the growth of UNICEF and international aid to present the human face to all the energy, goodwill, science and effort expended in trying to build a better future for children the world over.

Title and Contents


Introduction by Peter Ustinov

Foreword by Sir Robert Jackson

Early Childhood 1946-1950   
1. Founding Fathers 

2. Some Milk and Some Fat, on Bread

3. Rites of Passage

A Great Humanitarian Adventure 1950-1960   
4. The Mass Onslaught Against Disease

5. The Perfidious Mosquito

6. Civilization Follows the Cow

7. A Mother and Her Child

The Development Decade 1960-1970   
8. Development and the 'Whole' Child 

9. In a Popular Cause

10. The Population Debate

11. Earthquake, Wind and Fire 260

The Era of Alternatives 1970-1980 
12. The Handpump Cometh

13. An Alternative Order

14. Health for Some or Health for All?

15. The Year of the Child

16. The Crisis in Kampuchea

Children in Dark Times 1980-
17. The Women and the Cities

18. 'The land is growing old'

19. Towards a Revolution for Children


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