UNICEF History

Executive Board

Since its inception in 1946, UNICEF has been administered by the Executive Director in accordance with the policies determined by the Executive Board. Board members are chosen by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) from UN member governments.

Officers of the Executive Board initially included the Chairman and four Vice-Chairmen and the terms of office were based on the calendar year. In 1961, the Programme Committee and the Committee on Administration and Finance were established, each with a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

In 1963 the terms of office shifted from February 1st  through January 31st, and in 1967 from 1 August through 31 July.

In 1992, the Executive Board decided that there would be due regard for equitable geographic rotation in the election of the Chairman, among the five regional groups. Until then, the chairmanship had alternated each year between industralized and developing countries.

In 1994, the two committees were abolished, and the Executive Board agreed that the Chairman would be known as President, whose one-year term of office would henceforth be based on the calendar year. Membership was set at 36, including 8 African States, 7 Asian States, 4 Eastern European States, 5 Latin American and Caribbean States and 12 Western European and other States (including Japan). The role of coordinating the work of the UNICEF Executive Board was assigned to a Bureau comprising the President
and four Vice-Presidents, who represent the five regional groups.

The documents 'The UNICEF Executive Board: An Informal Guide'  and 'Officers of the UNICEF Executive Board since 1946' include lists of the Board's composition and officers, notes on its current functioning and history. Below are photos of the Chairmen/Presidents of the Board.


Past Chairmen/Presidents of the UNICEF Executive Board


1946-1950: Dr. Ludwik Rajchman, Poland / Chairman

1951-1952: Mrs. Adelaide Sinclair, Canada / Chairman

1953-1954: Mr. Auguste R. Lindt, Switzerland / Chairman

1955-1956: Mr.  Balachandra Rajan, India / Chairman

1957-1958: Mr. Mahmood Shafqat, Pakistan / Chairman

1959: Mr. John Ryan, Australia / Chairman

1960: Mr. F. Schnyder, Switzerland / Chairman

1961: Mr. W.A.E. Green: New Zealand / Chairman

1962-1963: Dr. Miguel E. Bustamante: Mexico / Chairman

1964-1966: Mrs. Zena Harman, Israel  / Chairman

1966-1968: Dr. Joseph W. Willard, Canada / Chairman

1968-1970: Dr. Ihsan Dogramaci, Turkey / Chairman (resigned April 1970)

1970-1972: Mr. Nils Thedin, Sweden / Chairman

1972-1974: H.E. Mr. Narciso G. Reyes, Philippines / Chairman

1974-1976: Dr. Hans Conzett, Switzerland / Chairman

1976-1977: Dr. Antonio Ordoñez-Plaja, Colombia / Chairman

1977-1978: H.E. Mr. Ferdinand L. Oyono, Cameroon / Chairman

1978-1979: Mrs. Sadako Ogata, Japan / Chairman

1979-1980: Dr. Zaki Hasan, Pakistan / Chairman

1980-1981: Mr. Paal Bog, Norway / Chairman

1981-1982: Mr. Dragan Mateljak, Yugoslavia / Chairman

1982-1983: H.E. Mr. Hugo Scheltema, Netherlands / Chairman

1983-1984: Dr. Haydée Martínez de Osorio, Venezuela / Chairman

1984-1985: Dr. Richard Manning, Australia / Chairman

1985-1986: Mr. Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Bangladesh / Chairman

1986-1987: Mr. Maurizio Bucci, Italy / Chairman

1987-1988: Dr. (Mrs.) A.P. Maruping, Lesotho / Chairman, (resigned April 1988)

1988: Mr. Makoto Taniguchi, Japan / Chairman

1988-1989: Ms. Torild Skard, Norway / Chairman

1989-1990: Mrs. Margarita Dieguez, Mexico / Chairman

1990-1991: Mrs. Lisbet Palme, Sweden / Chairman

1991-1992: Miss Mira Seth, India / Chairman

1992-1993: Mr. Frederick Ward, Canada / Chairman

1994: H.E. Miss Anna Semamba Makinda, Tanzania / President

H.E. Miss Makinda had been elected for the period 1 August 1993-31 July 1994, served as Chairman until February 1994,when she became President, and served until 31 December 1994 for the transition period when the terms of office and title changed.

1995: H.E. Khalil Makkawi, Lebanon / President

1996: H.E. Ion Gorita, Romania / President

1997: Dr. Mercedes Pulido de Briceño, Venezuela / President

1998: H.E. Mr. Michael John Powles, New Zealand / President

1999: H.E. Prof. Ibrahim A. Gambari, Nigeria / President

2000: H.E. Mr. Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Bangladesh / President

2001: H.E. Mr. Movses Abelian, Armenia / President

2002: H.E. Mr. Andrés Franco, Colombia / President

2003: H.E. Mr. Jenö Staehelin, Switzerland / President

2004: H.E. Mr. Lebohang K. Moleko, Lesotho / President

2005: H.E. Mr. Mehdi Danesh-Yazdi, Iran / President

2006: H.E. Mr. Andrei Dapkiunas, Belarus / President

2007: H.E. Mr. Javier Loayza Barea, Bolivia / President

2008: H.E. Mr. Anders Lidén , Sweden / President

2009: H.E. Mr. Oumar Daou, Mali/ President

2010: H. E. Dr. Abulkalam Abdul Momen, Bangladesh/ President



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