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UNICEF Executive Board

Second regular session 2000

18-20 September 2000

 Agenda Item 1 - Opening of the session: statements by the President of the Executive Board
 and the Executive Director

 Agenda Item 2 - Adoption of the provisional agenda and timetable and
 organization of work

 Provisional annotated agenda and organization of work - E/ICEF/2000/14 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 3 - Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation:
 (a) Country programme recommendations (CPRs)

 Eastern and Southern Africa 
 Rwanda - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.1/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Swaziland - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.2/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Uganda - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.3/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Burundi - E/ICEF/2000/P/L./28 EN, FR, ES
 Eritrea - E/ICEF/2000/P/L./29 EN, FR, ES
 Madagascar - E/ICEF/2000/P/L./30 EN, FR, ES
 Mauritius - E/ICEF/2000/P/L./31 EN, FR, ES
 Somalia - E/ICEF/2000/P/L./32 EN, FR, ES
 West and Central Africa
 Burkina Faso - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.4/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Chad - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.5/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Ghana - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.6/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Congo - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.33 EN, FR, ES
 Liberia - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.34 EN, FR, ES
 Americas and the Caribbean
 Guyana - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.7/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Peru - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.8/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Brazil - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.35 EN, FR, ES
 Colombia - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.36 EN, FR, ES
 Honduras - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.37 EN, FR, ES
 East Asia and Pacific region
 Cambodia - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.9/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 China - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.10/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Indonesia - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.11/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Myanmar - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.12/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Viet Nam - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.13/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Democratic People's Republic of Korea - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.38 EN, FR, ES
 East Timor - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.39 EN, FR, ES
 South Asia
 Bangladesh E/ICEF/2000/P/L.14/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Central and Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States
 Albania - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.15/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Georgia - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.16/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Turkey - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.17/Add.1 EN, FR, ES
 Middle East and North Africa
 Algeria - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.40 EN, FR, ES
 Iraq - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.41 EN, FR, ES
 Jordan - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.42 EN, FR, ES
 Oman - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.43 EN, FR, ES
 Syrian Arab Republic - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.44 EN, FR, ES
 Palestinian children and women in Jordan, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic,
 West Bank and Gaza - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.45 EN, FR, ES
 (b) Recommendation for additional regular resources for approved country programmes
 Recommendation for approval of additional regular resources for 21 country programmes -
 E/ICEF/2000/P/L.46 EN, FR, ES
 Summary of recommendations for regular resources and other resources programmes for 2000 -
 E/ICEF/2000/P/L.27 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 4 - Health matters:
 (a) Overview of recent initiatives and partnerships in immunization: oral report
 (b) Recommendations for the extension of cooperation with Rotary International for polio eradication and
 for the extension of the Vaccine Independence Initiative - E/ICEF/2000/P/L.47 EN, FR, ES
 (c) Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI): oral report
 Agenda Item 5 - Decisions taken by the Economic and Social Council: oral report
 Agenda Item 6 - Financial medium-term plan (MTP) for the period 2000-2003
 Medium-term financial plan for the period 2000-2003 and related recommendation - E/ICEF/2000/AB/L.5 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 7 - Implementation of the modified system for allocation of regular resources
  for programmes: oral report

 Agenda Item 8 - Private Sector Division (PSD) financial report and statements for the year ended
31 December 1999
 Private Sector Division: Financial report and statement for the year ended 31 December 1999 -
 E/ICEF/2000/AB/L.6 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 9 - Report on internal audit activities
 Internal audit activities in 1999 - E/ICEF/2000/AB/L.7 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 10 - Programme of work for 2001
 Proposed programme of work for Executive Board sessions in 2001 - E/ICEF/2000/15 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 11 - Other matters
 Agenda Item 12 - Closing of the session: remarks by the Executive Director and
 the President of the Executive Board




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