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UNICEF Executive Board

First regular session 2001

22-26 January 2001

 Agenda Item 1 - Opening of the session:
  (a) Election of the officers of the Executive Board for 2001
  Election of the officers of the Executive Board for 2001 - E/ICEF/2001/3 EN, FR, ES; E/ICEF/2001/3 Rev. 1 EN, FR, ES

  (b) Statements by the President of the Executive Board and the Executive Director
  (c) Election of Executive Board representatives to the WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Coordinating Committee on Health (CCH)
  and to the UNESCO/UNICEF Joint Committee on Education (JCE)
 Agenda Item 2 - Adoption of the provisional agenda and timetable and organization of work
 Provisional annotated agenda and organization of work - E/ICEF/2001/2 EN, FR, ES and E/ICEF/2001/2/Corr.1 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 3 - Report of the Executive Director (Part I): Annual report to the Economic and Social Council
 Report of the Executive Director: Annual report to the Economic and Social Council - E/ICEF/2001/4 (Part I) EN, FR, ES
 Activities of the Joint Inspection Unit of relevance to UNICEF - E/ICEF/2001/5 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 4 - Country notes
 Eastern and Southern Africa
 Eritrea - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.1 EN, FR, ES
 Ethiopia - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.2 EN, FR, ES
 Lesotho - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.3 EN, FR, ES
 Malawi - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.4 EN, FR, ES
 Mozambique - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.5 EN, FR, ES
 Namibia - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.6 EN, FR, ES
 South Africa - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.7 EN, FR, ES
 United Republic of Tanzania - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.8 EN, FR, ES
 Zambia - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.9 EN, FR, ES

 West and Central Africa
 Central African Republic - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.10 EN, FR, ES
 Equatorial Guinea - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.11 EN, FR, ES
 Gabon - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.12 EN, FR, ES
 The Gambia - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.13 EN, FR, ES
 Guinea - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.14 EN, FR, ES
 Nigeria - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.15 EN, FR, ES
 Sao Tome and Principe - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.16 EN, FR, ES
 Senegal - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.17/Add.1 EN, FR
 Togo - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.18 EN, FR, ES
 Americas and the Caribbean 
 Belize - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.19 EN, FR, ES
 Brazil - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.20 EN, FR, ES
 Colombia - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.21 EN, FR, ES
 Costa Rica - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.22 EN, FR, ES
 Cuba - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.23 EN, FR, ES
 Dominican Republic - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.24 EN, FR, ES
 El Salvador - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.25 EN, FR, ES
 Guatemala - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.26 EN, FR, ES
 Haiti - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.27 EN, FR, ES
 Honduras - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.28 EN, FR, ES
 Jamaica - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.29 EN, FR, ES
 Mexico - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.30 EN, FR, ES
 Nicaragua - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.31 EN, FR, ES
 Panama - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.32 EN, FR, ES
 Paraguay - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.33 EN, FR, ES
 Venezeula - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.34 EN, FR, ES
 East Asia and Pacific region
 Lao People's Democratic Republic - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.35 EN, FR, ES; E/ICEF/2001/P/L.35/Corr. 1 EN, FR, ES
 Mongolia - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.36 EN, FR, ES
 Thailand - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.37 EN, FR, ES

 South Asia
 Bhutan - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.38 EN, FR, ES
 Nepal - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.39 EN, FR, ES
 Sri Lanka - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.40 EN, FR, ES
 Central and Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States
 Republic of Moldova - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.41 EN, FR, ES
 Middle East and North Africa
 Algeria - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.42 EN, FR, ES
 Egypt - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.43 EN, FR, ES
 Lebanon - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.44 EN, FR, ES
 Morocco - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.45 EN, FR, ES
 Sudan - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.46 EN, FR, ES; E/ICEF/2001/P/L.46/Corr.1 EN, FR, ES
 Syrian Arab Republic - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.47 EN, FR, ES
 Tunisia - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.48 EN, FR, ES
 Yemen - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.49 EN, FR, ES

 Agenda Item 5 - Pledging event
 Agenda Item 6 - Private Sector Division (PSD) work plan and proposed budget for 2001
 Private Sector Division work plan and proposed budget for 2001 - E/ICEF/2001/AB/L.1 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 7 - Update on the preparatory process for the General Assembly Special Session on
 Children in 2001: oral report

 Agenda Item 8 - Establishment of an operational reserve
 Establishment of an operational reserve - E/ICEF/2001/AB/L.3 EN, FR, ES
 Establishment of an operational reserve: Report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and
 Budgetary Questions - E/ICEF/2001/AB/L.4 EN, FR, ES

 Agenda Item 9 - Financial matters:
  (a) UNICEF financial report and statements for the biennium ended 31 December 1999 and report of the Board of Auditors
  A/55/5/Add.2 (supp) EN, FR, ES
  (b) Report to the United Nations Board of Auditors and the Advisory Committee on Administrative and
  Budgetary Questions - E/ICEF/2001/AB/L.2 EN, FR, ES
 Agenda Item 10 - UNICEF Maurice Pate Award
 Agenda Item 11 - Other matters
 Agenda Item 12 - Closing remarks by the Executive Director and the President of the Executive Board
 Agenda Item 13 - Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNICEF and UNDP/UNFPA and WFP
 Framework for Common Country Assessment Indicators - DP/2001/CRP.4 - P/FPA/2001/CRP.1 - E/ICEF/2001/CRP.3



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