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UNICEF Executive Board

Annual session 2001

4-8 June 2001

 Agenda Item 1 - Opening of the session: statements by the President of the Executive Board and
 the Executive Director

 Agenda Item 2 - Adoption of the provisional agenda and timetable and organization of work
 Provisional annotated agenda and organization of work - E/ICEF/2001/7 EN, FR, ES

 Agenda Item 3 - Report of the Executive Director (Part II)
 Report of the Executive Director: progress and achievements against the medium-term plan -
 E/ICEF/2001/4 (Part II) EN, FR, ES

 Agenda Item 4 - Summary of mid-term reviews (MTRs) and major evaluations of country programmes
 Eastern and Southern Africa Region - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.50 EN, FR, ES
 West and Central Africa region - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.51 EN, FR, ES
 Latin America and the Caribbean - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.52 EN, FR, ES
 East Asia and Pacific region - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.53 EN, FR, ES
 South Asia region - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.54 EN, FR, ES
 Middle East and North Africa region - E/ICEF/2001/P/L.55 EN, FR, ES
 Central and Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States region -
 E/ICEF/2001/P/L.56 EN, FR, ES

 Agenda Item 5 - Ensuring children’s rights in Africa

 Agenda Item 6 - Report on the third session of the WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Coordinating Committee on Health (CCH)
 WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Coordinating Committee on Health: Report of its third session held at United Nations Headquarters
 New York, 19-20 April 2001 - E/ICEF/2001/11 EN

 Agenda Item 7 - UNICEF experience in sector-wide approaches (SWAPs)
 UNICEF experience with sector-wide approaches and sector development programmes - E/ICEF/2001/10 EN, FR, ES

 Agenda Item 8 - UNICEF activities in immunization 
 A good start for every child: UNICEF programming to improve immunization services and child health, reduce the burden
 of vaccine-preventable disease and eradicate polio - E/ICEF/2001/9 EN, FR, ES

 Agenda Item 9 - Field visits of Executive Board members
 Report on the field visit of Executive Board Members to Moldova and Romania - E/ICEF/2001/CRP.7
 Report on the field visit of Executive Board Members to Gambia and Senegal - E/ICEF/2001/CRP.8

 Agenda Item 10 - Update on the preparatory process for the General Assembly Special Session on Children in 2001

 Agenda Item 11 - Other matters

 Agenda Item 12 - Closing of the session: remarks by the Executive Director and
 the President of the Executive Board




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