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UNICEF Executive Board

Country programme documents

First regular session 2020


In accordance with Executive Board decision 2014/1, which endorsed document E/ICEF/2014/P/L.1, country programme documents (CPDs) are considered and approved in one session, on a
no-objection basis.

The four (4) draft CPDs listed in the table below, along with the respective costed evaluation plans (CEPs), are being presented to the Executive Board for review and comment from 19 November to 9 December 2019.

Comments should be sent by email to oseb@unicef.org by 9 December 2019, or earlier, using this template for comments on each CPD.
All comments will be:
     • made public on the Executive Board website;
     • considered by the respective regional office, in close consultation with the country office and
       the concerned Government.
The final CPDs have been posted on the session page of the Executive Board website in English six weeks ahead of the 2020 first regular session, and in the other designated languages four weeks ahead of the session, in accordance with established practice.

Submit statements to OSEB: (The commenting period is closed.)


Latin America and Caribbean

Cuba draft CPD



Comments: United States 

UNICEF Regional/Country response(s): United States
Right of reply Cuba

Paraguay draft CPD




UNICEF Regional/Country response(s):

West and Central Africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo draft CPD



Comments:  Belgium; Sweden; United States

UNICEF Regional/Country response(s): Belgium; Sweden; United States

Mali draft CPD



Comments:  European Commission; Norway; Sweden; United States

UNICEF Regional/Country response(s): European Commission; Norway; Sweden; United States



First regular session 2020

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