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UNICEF Executive Board

Joint Meeting of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA, UNICEF and WFP 2010

15 & 18 January 2010

Provisional agenda

    English [pdf]

  (updated 15 Jan. - 3 pm)


Agenda item 1: Delivering as one: Strengthening country-level response to gender-based violence

     English [pdf]    French [pdf]   Spanish [pdf]



Agenda item 2: Climate change

     English [pdf]    French [pdf]   Spanish [pdf]



Agenda item 3: Recovering from economic and financial crisis: food crisis and safety nets

     English [pdf]   French [pdf]  Spanish [pdf]

     (English and French versions updated 13 Jan.  Spanish version updated 15 Jan.)



Agenda item 4: Stocktaking on the Millennium Development Goals

     English [pdf]  French [pdf]  Spanish [pdf]



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