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UNICEF Executive Board

First regular session 2010

Prior to availability of official documents, we post advance copies in the original language. Documents in other language versions, once available, can be accessed and downloaded through the United Nations Official Document System. (Click on "Access ODS without logging in.")


1.     Opening of the session

        (a)  Statement by the outgoing President of the Executive
              Board  [pdf] (French)

        (b)  Election of the President and Vice-Presidents of the
              Executive  Board for 2010

        (c)  Opening statements by the President of the Executive
              Board  [pdf] and the Executive Director  [pdf]


Organizational and procedural matters

2.     Adoption of the provisional annotated agenda, timetable and
        organization of work - E/ICEF/2010/1   [pdf]


Programme and policy matters

3.     Annual report to the Economic and Social Council -
        E/ICEF/2010/3  [pdf]

        UNICEF report on recommendations of the Joint Inspection Unit
        - E/ICEF/2010/4  [pdf]

4.     UNICEF programme cooperation

       (a)  Approval of revised country programme documents
             discussed at the second regular session of 2009 

             Eastern and Southern Africa

             Uganda [pdf]

             Americas and the Caribbean

             Argentina  [pdf]  English   [pdf]  Spanish

             Guatemala [pdf]  English   [pdf]  Spanish


       (b)  Recommendation for approval of additional regular
             resources for approved country programmes -
             E/ICEF/2010/P/L.1   [pdf] and
             E/ICEF/2010/P/L.1/Corr.1  [pdf]


Resource, financial and budgetary matters

5.     Private fundraising: 2010 workplan and proposed budget -
        E/ICEF/2010/AB/L.1   [pdf]

6.     Report on the implementation of the UNICEF cost-recovery
        policy - E/ICEF/2010/AB/L. 3  [pdf]

7.     Joint information note of UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF-
        Road map to an integrated budget  [pdf] and
        E/ICEF/2010/CRP.3  [pdf]

8.     Update on implementation of the International Public Sector
        Accounting Standards - E/ICEF/2010/AB/L.2  [pdf]

9.    Pledging Event - UNICEF regular resources: pledges for 2010


Other matters and adoption of draft decisions

10.  Other matters

11.  Adoption of draft decisions

12.  Closing statements by the President of the Executive Board
       [pdf] and by the Executive Director [pdf]





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