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UNICEF Executive Board

2009 Second Regular Session

Advance copies of Executive Board session documents are posted in the original language, and are replaced by official documents, once available.  These official documents can also be accessed and downloaded in other language versions through the United Nations Official Document System.

1. Opening of the session

Opening statement of the President of the Executive Board [pdf]  (French)

Opening statement of the Executive Director [pdf] 


2. Adoption of the provisional agenda, timetable and organization of work

    E/ICEF/2009/16  [pdf] (reissued)
    Timetable [pdf]  (revised)

3. Proposed programme of work for the Executive Board sessions in 2010

    E/ICEF/2009/17  [pdf] and Corrigendum [pdf]


4. Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation

(a) Revised country programme documents discussed at the annual session of 2009

Following approval of the aggregate totals of estimated regular and other resources in the programme budget of the draft CPDs at the 2009 annual session, the revised country and area programme documents will be approved by the Executive Board on a no objection basis at this session unless at least five members have informed the secretariat in writing that they wish further discussion of a particular programme.

Eastern and Southern Africa

       Botswana - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.2
             [CPD]  [Matrix] 

       Burundi - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.3

Middle East and North Africa

       Gulf Area subregional programme - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.16

       Lebanon - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.17

South Asia

       Afghanistan - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.15
             [CPD]  [Matrix] 

Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

       Armenia - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.5 (no changes)

       Bosnia and Herzegovina - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.6
             [CPD]  [Matrix]  

       Bulgaria - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.7  (no changes)

       Kazakhstan - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.8 (no changes)

       Montenegro - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.9 
             [CPD]  [Matrix]

       Romania - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.10 (no changes)

       Tajikistan - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.11 (no changes)

       The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia -
       E/ICEF/2009/P/L.12 (no changes)

       Turkmenistan - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.13 (no changes)

       Uzbekistan - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.14 (no changes)

Americas and the Caribbean

       Ecuador - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.4 

(b) Draft country programme documents

Taking into account the comments made at this session, the draft documents will be revised and posted on the UNICEF Internet site within six weeks after the session.  They will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval on a no objection basis at the first regular session of 2010. 

Eastern and Southern Africa

       Uganda - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.27 
           [CPD]   [Matrix]   [Results]  UNDAF

The Americas and Caribbean

       Argentina - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.28 
            [CPD]   [Matrix]   [Results]  UNDAF (Spanish)

       Guatemala - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.29 
            [CPD]   [Matrix]   [Results]  UNDAF  (Spanish)

(c) Extensions of ongoing country programmes

       E/ICEF/2009/P/L.32 [pdf]

(d) Midterm reviews (MTRs) of country programmes

       Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of
       Independent States - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.25 [MTR]

       East Asia and the Pacific - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.23 [MTR]

       Eastern and Southern Africa - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.20 [MTR]

       West and Central Africa - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.21 [MTR]
             and E/ICEF/2009/P/L.21/Corr.1  [pdf]

       Americas and the Caribbean - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.22 [MTR]

       Middle East and North Africa - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.26 [MTR]

       South Asia - E/ICEF/2009/P/L.24 [MTR]

(e)  Advocacy, programme development and intercountry programmes

       E/ICEF/2009/P/L.31  [pdf]

(f)  Recommendation for approval of additional regular resources for approved country programmes

       E/ICEF/2009/P/L.30  [pdf]

5. Report on UNICEF follow-up to recommendations and decisions of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board meetings

    Background document - E/ICEF/2009/CRP.19
    [English]  [Français]  [Español]


6. Report on the evaluation function and findings and recommendations of major evaluations, including a review of the evaluation policy

    E/ICEF/2009/19 [pdf] and Corr.1 [pdf]

7. Annual report on internal audit

    E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.6 [pdf]  and Corr.1  [pdf]

• Management response  (for information)

   E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.7 [pdf]

• Audit Committee - 2008 annual report
   [English]  [Français]  [Español] (for information)


The following documents are for information only.

• Interim financial report and statements for the year ended 31 December 2008, the first year of the biennium 2008-2009

   E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.3 [pdf]

•Report on implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for the biennium 2006-2007

   E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.10 [pdf]

• Report on funds allocated from regular resources to cover overexpenditures from completed projects financed from other resources

   E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.9 [pdf]

8. Biennial support budget 2010-2011

    E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.4 [pdf]

Report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions on the proposed budget - E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.8 [pdf]

9. Medium-term strategic plan: planned financial estimates 2009-2012

    E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.5 [pdf] 

10. Private fundraising: financial report and financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2008

     E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.2 [pdf]


11.  Other matters

12. Adoption of draft decisions

13. Closing of the session



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