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UNICEF Executive Board

Second regular session 2008

15-18 September 2008

Prior to availability of official documents, we post advance copies in the original language.  Documents in other language versions, once available, can be accessed and downloaded through the United Nations  Official Document System. (Click on "Access ODS without logging in.")


Agenda item 1 - Opening of the session


Organizational and procedural matters

Agenda item 2 - Adoption of the provisional agenda, timetable and organization of work - E/ICEF/2008/16 [pdf] and E/ICEF/2008/16/Corr.1 [pdf]


Programme for special session on Policy and Advocacy for Children's Rights - draft programme [pdf] 


Agenda item 3 - Programme of work for Executive Board sessions in 2009 - E/ICEF/2008/17 [pdf]


Programme and policy matters

Agenda item 4 - Midterm review of the UNICEF medium-term strategic plan for 2006-2009 - E/ICEF/2008/18 [pdf]

Revised annexes to the medium term strategic plan  - E/ICEF/2008/19  [pdf]

Extension of the medium-term strategic plan (MTSP) 2006-2009 until the end of 2011: background note - E/ICEF/2008/25  [pdf]

Agenda item 5 - Report on the implementation of the “Modified system for allocation of regular resources for programmes” approved by the Executive Board in 1997 - E/ICEF/2008/20 [pdf]

Agenda item 6 - UNICEF programme cooperation:

a)  Approval of country programme documents discussed at the annual session of 2008

West and Central Africa
Benin - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.4 [pdf]  French [pdf]
Congo - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.5  [pdf]  (no changes) 
Niger - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.6 [pdf]   French [pdf]
Nigeria - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.7  [pdf]

Middle East and North Africa
Sudan - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.12 [pdf]

b)  Draft country programme documents

Taking into account the comments made at this session, the draft documents will be revised and posted on the UNICEF Internet site within six weeks after the session. They will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval on a no objection basis at the first regular session of 2009.  The revised versions can be found on the 2009 FRS  web page under Executive Board documents.

Eastern and Southern Africa
Angola - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.18  [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]  UNDAF matrix [pdf]
Burundi - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.19 [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]
Kenya - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.20  [pdf]   and E/ICEF/2008/P/L.20/Corr.1 [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]  UNDAF matrix [pdf]

West and Central Africa
Côte d'Ivoire - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.21  [pdf]  results matrix [pdf]  UNDAF matrix (French) [pfd]
Mauritania - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.22  [pdf]   UNDAF (French) [pdf]

Americas and the Caribbean
Haiti - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.23 [pdf]  results matrix [pdf]   
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.24 [pdf]  and E/ICEF/2008/P/L.24/Corr.1 [pdf]  results matrix [pdf]

Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Bosnia and Herzegovina - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.25 - [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]

East Asia and the Pacific
Timor-Leste - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.26 [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]  UNDAF matrix [pdf]

Middle East and North Africa
Lebanon - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.27 [pdf]  - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.27/Corr.1 [pdf] - results matrix [pdf]

c)  Midterm reviews of country programmes

Eastern and Southern Africa - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.14 [pdf]
Latin America and the Caribbean - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.15 [pdf]  and E/ICEF/2008/P/L.15/Corr.1 [pdf]
East Asia and the Pacific - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.16 [pdf]
Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.17 [pdf]

d)  Recommendation for approval of increased planning levels of regular resources for approved country programmes - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.28 [pdf]

Agenda item 7 - UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre progress report on the 2006-2008 programme of work and proposal for a one-year extension - E/ICEF/2008/23  [pdf]

Agenda item 8 - Recent meetings of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Programme Coordinating Board: recommendations and decisions of relevance to UNICEF - E/ICEF/2008/24 [pdf]

Special focus session on Policy and Advocacy for Children's Rights

Background note [pdf] - Thematic report 2007 [pdf] 

Resource, financial and budgetary matters

The following documents are for information only.

  • Progress report on specific steps taken to implement the recommendations of the Board of Auditors on the UNICEF accounts for the biennium 2004-2005 - E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.9 [pdf]
  • Adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards - E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.10  [pdf]
  • Report on funds allocated from regular resources to cover overexpenditures for completed projects financed from other resources - E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.4  [pdf]


Agenda item 9 - Medium-term strategic plan: planned financial estimates for 2008-2011 - E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.5  [pdf]

Agenda item 10 - Additional United Nations-mandated security measures required for UNICEF personnel and premises - E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.8  [pdf]

Agenda item 11 - Thematic funding as a financial instrument in support of the UNICEF medium-term strategic plan - E/ICEF/2008/22 [pdf]

Agenda item 12 - Private Sector Division: financial reports and statements for the year ended 31 December 2007 - E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.6  [pdf]


Evaluation and audit matters

Agenda item 13 - Report on the evaluation function and findings and recommendations of  major evaluations - E/ICEF/2008/21  [pdf]

Agenda item 14 - Internal audit activities in 2007 - E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.7 [pdf] and E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.7/Corr.1 [pdf]  UNICEF Response to the annual report of the Office of Internal Audit for 2007 [pdf]


Other matters and closing statements

Agenda item 15 - Other matters

Agenda item 16 - Adoption of draft decisions

Agenda item 17 - Closing statements by the Executive Director and the President



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