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UNICEF Executive Board

Annual session 2008

3-5 June 2008

Prior to availability of official documents, we post advance copies in the original language.  Documents in other language versions, once available, can be accessed and downloaded through the United Nations  Official Document System. (Click on "Access ODS without logging in.")


Agenda item 1: Opening of the session

Agenda item 2: Provisional annotated agenda, timetable, organization of work and list of documents

E/ICEF/2008/9/Rev.1 [pdf]

Agenda item 3: Annual report of the Executive Director: progress and achievements against the medium-term strategic plan

E/ICEF/2008/10  [pdf]

Data companion [pdf]

Agenda item 4: Global Strategy for Collaborative Relationships and Partnerships: a preliminary concept note

E/ICEF/2008/12  [pdf] and Corr.1 [pdf]

Agenda item 5: Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation

(a) Draft country programme documents

West and Central Africa

Benin - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.4 [pdf]   and Corr.1 [pdf]  results matrix [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]  (French)

Republic of Congo - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.5 [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]  (French)   UNDAF [pdf] (French)

Niger - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.6 [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]  UNDAF matrix [pdf]  (French)

Nigeria - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.7 [pdf]  and Corr.1 [pdf] results matrix [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]

Middle East and North Africa

Sudan - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.12 [pdf]   and Corr. 1 [pdf]   results matrix [pdf]

Americas and the Caribbean

Ecuador - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.8 [pdf]

Guatemala - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.9 [pdf] and Corr.1 [pdf]

South Asia

Afghanistan - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.10 [pdf]  and Corr.1 [pdf]  results matrix [pdf]

Pakistan - E/ICEF/2008/P/L.11 [pdf]

(b) Recommendation for additional other resources for approved country programmes

E/ICEF/2008/P/L.13 [pdf]

Agenda item 6: Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation in UNICEF: Planned Follow-up Action

E/ICEF/2008/CRP.12 -  English [pdf]     Arabic [pdf]     Chinese [pdf]

   French [pdf]    Russian [pdf]    Spanish  [pdf]

Agenda item 7: Report on implementation of the Ending Child Hunger and Undernutrition Initiative

E/ICEF/2008/11 [pdf]

Agenda item 8: Reports of the field visits of the Executive Board

(a) Report of the field visit to Lao People's Democratic Republic by members of the Bureau of the Executive Board - E/ICEF/2008/13 [pdf]

(b) Report of the joint field visit to Haiti by members of the Executive Boards

E/ICEF/2008/CRP.11 [pdf]

(c) Report of the field visit to Niger by members of the Executive Board  - E/ICEF/2008/15 [pdf]

Agenda item 9: Child Protection Strategy
E/ICEF/2008/5/Rev.1  [pdf]

Child Protection Strategy Reference Document [pdf]

Agenda item 10: Address by the President of the Global Staff Association

Agenda item 11: Other matters

Agenda item 12: Action on outstanding draft decisions

Agenda item 13: Closing of the session




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