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UNICEF Executive Board

Annual session 2007

4-8 June 2007

These are the final English language versions of the documents for the annual session.  Other language versions are available from the United Nations Optical Disk System. (Click on "Access ODS without logging in.")


Agenda item 2 - Provisional agenda

E/ICEF/2007/8 - [pdf]

Revised timetable as of 25 May [pdf]

Programme for agenda item 12 on Joint Field Visit to Liberia [pdf]


Agenda item 3 - Annual report of the Executive Director: progress and achievements against the medium-term strategic plan

E/ICEF/2007/9 - [pdf]

Data Companion [pdf]  (Revised)


Agenda item 4 - Update on the UNICEF organizational review: oral report

Organizational Review Synthesis Report [pdf]


Agenda item 5 - Update on UNICEF gender parity and equality

E/ICEF/2007/12 [pdf]


Agenda item 6 - UNICEF education strategy in support of the medium-term strategic plan

E/ICEF/2007/10 - [pdf]


Agenda item 7 - Ending Child Hunger and Undernutrition Initiative

E/ICEF/2007/11 - [pdf]


Agenda item 8 - The UNICEF evaluation policy: oral report

Background paper [pdf]

Agenda item 9 - Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation:

(a) Draft country programme documents

At this session, the Executive Board will consider a total of 26 CPDs. There are 19 draft CPDs for full programme cycles. These are presented to the Board for discussion and comment, and for approval of the aggregate totals of estimated regular and other resources in the programme budget. The electronic versions of the draft CPDs, to be made available on the UNICEF Internet site, will contain a link to the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) results matrices, where applicable. Taking into account the comments made at this session, the draft documents will be revised and posted on the UNICEF Internet site within six weeks after the session. They will be submitted to the Board for approval on a no objection basis at the second regular session of 2007 unless at least five members have informed the secretariat in writing, within six weeks of the posting of a document, of their wish to bring a particular country programme before the Executive Board.

The 19 draft CPDs for full country programmes are broken down as follows:

Eastern and Southern Africa

Comoros - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.2  [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf] (French)

Malawi - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.3  [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]


West and Central Africa

Cameroon - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.5  [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]  (French)

Equatorial Guinea - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.6  "withdrawn at Government request"

Guinea-Bissau - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.7 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]  (French)

Mali - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.8 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]  (French)

Sierra Leone - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.9 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]


Latin America and the Caribbean

Bolivia - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.13 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]  (Spanish)

Cuba - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.14 [pdf] and E/ICEF/2007/P/L.14/Corr.1 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]  (Spanish)

Eastern Caribbean multi-country programme - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.15 [pdf]


East Asia & the Pacific

Malaysia - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.16 [pdf]

Papua New Guinea - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.17 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]


South Asia

Bhutan - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.19 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]

India - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.20 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]

Maldives - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.21 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]

Sri Lanka - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.22 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]


Middle East and North Africa

Djibouti - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.23 [pdf]    UNDAF [excel]

Jordan - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.24 [pdf]   UNDAF [pdf]

Palestinian children and women in Jordan, Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the Syrian Arab Republic - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.25 [pdf]


In addition, several short-duration CPDs for one-year programmes are presented to the Board for approval at this session. These short-duration programmes are usually prepared so that the UNICEF programme cycle may be harmonized with the cycles of other agencies, or to allow time for finalization of the UNDAF. It is expected that the full country programmes will be presented to the Executive Board in 2008. At this session, the Board will consider seven short-duration CPDs:

Burundi - E/IEF/2007/P/L.4 [pdf]

Côte d’Ivoire - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.10 [pdf]

Niger - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.11 [pdf]

Nigeria - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.12 [pdf]

Timor-Leste - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.18 [pdf]

Lebanon - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.26 [pdf]

Sudan - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.27 [pdf]


(b) Recommendation for additional other resources for approved country programmes

E/ICEF/2007/P/L.28 - [pdf]


Agenda item 10 - Progress report on implementation of the recommendations of the UNAIDS Global Task Team which are of revelance to UNICEF: oral report

Background document - [pdf]


Agenda item 11 - Harmonized format for results-based budgeting for UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF: oral report

Background document - [pdf]

French [pdf]      Spanish [pdf]

Report of the ACABQ [pdf]


Agenda item 12 - Report of the joint field visit to Liberia by members of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA, UNICEF and WFP

DP-FPA/2007/CRP.1-E/ICEF/2007/CRP.7 - [pdf]





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