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UNICEF Executive Board

First regular session 2007

16-19 & 22 January 2007

These are the final English language versions of the documents for the first regular session. Other language versions are available from the United Nations Optical Disk System. (Click on "Access ODS without logging in.")


Agenda item 2 - Provisional agenda




Agenda item 3 - Annual report to the Economic and Social Council



Activities of the Joint Inspection Unit of relevance to UNICEF



Agenda item 4 - Integrated approaches for achieving the Millennium Development Goals: lessons from Africa

A separate programme for this agenda item is attached.
[pdf] - English

[pdf] - French

[pdf] - Spanish


Background document
[pdf] - English

[pdf] - French

[pdf] - Spanish



Agenda item 5 - Update on the Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign



Agenda item 6 - Ending Child Hunger and Undernutrition Initiative


Draft workplan for the ECHUI partnership - 2007 and 2008 - (Draft, for consultation with partners)

Global Framework for Action - (Revised and updated)


Agenda item 7 - Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation:

(a) Approval of revised country programme documents

At the annual and second regular sessions of 2006, the Executive Board commented on a total of 33 draft CPDs  and approved the aggregate indicative budgets for the country programmes. In accordance with decision 2002/4 (E/ICEF/2002/8), the draft CPDs were revised, taking into account, as appropriate, comments made by delegations during those sessions, and summary results matrices were added. The revised CPDs, which were posted on the UNICEF internet site by 1 November 2006, will be approved by the Board at the first regular session of 2007 on a no-objection basis, unless at least five members informed the secretariat in writing by 14 December 2006 of their wish to bring a country programme before the Board.

Algeria -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Belize -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Brazil -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf] 

Central African Republic -    CPD [pdf] (French)
     matrix - [pdf] (French) 

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea -   CPD [pdf]  (Revised)
     matrix - [pdf]  (Revised)  

Dominican  Republic -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]  
    CPD  [word]  (Spanish)

Egypt -   CPD [pdf]  English     CPD [pdf]  Arabic
    matrix - [pdf]

El Salvador -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Eritrea -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Ethiopia -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Gabon -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf] (French) 

Gambia -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Guinea -   CPD [pdf] (French)     matrix - [pdf] (French)

Honduras -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Iraq -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Jamaica - CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Lao People’s Democratic Republic -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Moldova -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Mongolia -  CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Montenegro - CPD         matrix - [pdf] (reposted 16 March 2009)

Morocco -   CPD [pdf]    matrix - [pdf]

Mozambique -  CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Panama - CPD   [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Paraguay - CPD  [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Sao Tome and Principe -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Senegal -   CPD [pdf] (French)     matrix - [pdf] (French)

South Africa -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Syrian Arab Republic -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Thailand -   CPD [pdf]    matrix - [pdf]

Tunisia -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

United Republic of Tanzania -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Yemen -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Zambia -   CPD [pdf]     matrix - [pdf]

Zimbabwe -   CPD [pdf]    matrix - [pdf]


(b)  Recommendation for additional regular resources for approved country programmes-



Agenda item 8 - UNICEF financial report and audited financial statements for the biennium ended 31 December 2005 and the report of the Board of Auditors


Report of the ACABQ - A/61/350

Implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors - A/61/214/Add.1



Agenda item 9 - Supplementary support budget for crisis management and business continuity


Report of the Advisory Committee



Agenda item 10 - Private Sector Division: workplan and proposed budget for 2007



Agenda item 11 - Pledging event




Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNICEF, UNDP/UNFPA and WFP

Provisional agenda

Agenda item 1: Natural disaster preparedness
[pdf] - English

[pdf] - French

[pdf] - Spanish


Agenda item 2: Millennium Development Goal 1: Interlinked approaches to poverty alleviation
[pdf] - English

[pdf] - French

[pdf] - Spanish


Agenda item 3: United Nations reform

Background document: Progress in the implementation of General Assembly resolution 59/250 (E/200/58) (originally presented to the Economic and Social Council in 2006)

Background document: Consolidated list of issues related to the coordination of operational activities for development, 2006 (E/2006/CRP.1) (originally presented to the Economic and Social Council in 2006)


Agenda item 4: The gender dimension of HIV/AIDS
[pdf] - English

[pdf] - French

[pdf] - Spanish



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