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UNICEF Executive Board

Annual session 2006

5-9 June 2006

These are final English language versions of the documents for the annual session.  Other language versions are available from the United Nations Optical Disk System.  (Click on "Access ODS without logging in.")

Agenda item 2 - Provisional agenda


Agenda item 3 - Annual report of the Executive Director: progress and achievements against the medium-term strategic plan


Agenda item 4 - UNICEF post-crisis transition strategy in support of the MTSP


and E/ICEF/2006/17/Corr.1


Agenda item 5 - Review of the UNICEF cost-recovery policy


Report of the ACABQ


Agenda item 6 - Report on options to improve the harmonized country programme approval process, prepared in consultation with the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Population Fund


Agenda item 7 - Report on the implementation of joint programming


and E/ICEF/2006/13/Add.1

Agenda item 8 - Report on UNICEF engagement in sector-wide approaches


Agenda item 9 - Ending Child Hunger and Undernutrition Initiative: oral report

Agenda item 10 - Report on the evaluation function in UNICEF


Agenda item 11 - Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation

Eastern and Southern Africa

Ethiopia - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.2 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]

and E/ICEF/2006/P/L.2/Corr.1 [pdf] 

Malawi - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.3 [pdf]

Mozambique - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.4 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]

Rwanda - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.5 [pdf]

Zimbabwe - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.6    
   (Consideration of the document has been postponed until the second regular session in September.)


West and Central Africa

Equatorial Guinea - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.7 [pdf]

Gabon - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.8 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf] (French)

Guinea - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.9 [pdf]  UNDAF[pdf] (French)

Sao Tome and Principe - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.10 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]

Togo - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.11 [pdf]


East Asia and the Pacific

Thailand - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.12 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]


South Asia

Bhutan - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.13 [pdf]

Nepal - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.14 [pdf]

Sri Lanka - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.15 [pdf]


Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Republic of Moldova - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.16 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]


Middle East and North Africa

Algeria - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.17 [pdf] 

Egypt - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.18 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf]

Iraq - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.19  [pdf]

Lebanon - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.20 [pdf]

Morocco - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.21 [pdf]  UNDAF [pdf] (French)

Oman - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.22 [pdf]

Sudan - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.23 [pdf]

Syrian Arab Republic - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.24 [pdf]

Tunisia - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.25 [pdf]

Yemen - E/ICEF/2006/P/L.26 [pdf] UNDAF [pdf]


Additional regular resources for approved country programmes

E/ICEF/2006/P/L.27 [pdf]


Agenda item 12 - UNICEF Maurice Pate Leadership for Children Award


Agenda item 13 - Violence related to children and adolescents in conflict with the law: oral report


Agenda item 14 - United Nations Study on Violence against Children: oral report


Agenda item 15 - Reports of Executive Board field visits

Visit by the President to the Central African Republic [pdf]



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