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UNICEF Executive Board

First regular session 2005

17-20 & 24 January 2005

Note: The Joint Meeting of the Executive Boards of UNICEF, UNDP/UNFPA and WFP took place on 20 and 24 January.

These are the documents that were considered by the Executive Board at the January session.

Agenda item 2 - Provisional agenda


Revised timetable - added 10 January

Agenda item 3 - Annual report of the Executive Director to ECOSOC


Under this agenda item, the Board will also consider an information note on activities of the JIU of relevance to UNICEF


Agenda item 4 - Approval of revised CPDs

At the Annual and Second Regular Sessions of 2004, the Executive Board commented on 22 draft country programme documents (CPDs) and approved the aggregate indicative budgets for the county programmes. In accordance with decision 2002/4, the draft CPDs have been revised, taking into account, as appropriate, comments made by delegations during that session, and summary results matrices added. The revised CPDs presented here will be approved by the Board at the January session on a no objection basis, because no members informed the secretariat in writing by 10 December 2004 of their wish to bring a country programme before the Board.

Revised CPDs

Angola [pdf]

Burundi [pdf]

Madagascar [pdf]

Zimbabwe [pdf]

Cape Verde

  English [pdf]

  French [pdf]  (cover page and matrix in English)

Southern Cone countries [pdf]

Malaysia [pdf]

Philippines [pdf]

Armenia [pdf]

Azerbaijan [pdf]

Bosnia and Herzegovina [pdf]

Kazakhstan [pdf]

Kyrgyzstan [pdf]

Romania [pdf]

Serbia and Montenegro, including Kosovo [pdf]

Tajikistan [pdf]

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia [pdf]

Turkmenistan [pdf]

Uzbekistan [pdf]

  Russian version [pdf]

Islamic Republic of Iran [pdf]

Iraq [pdf]

Guatemala [pdf]


Agenda item 5 - Girls' education: oral report

Background note

Agenda item 6 - Immunization "plus": oral report

Background note

Agenda item 7 - Global Immunization Vision and Strategy: oral report

Background note

Agenda item 8 - Staff security: oral report


Agenda item 9 - Follow-up to Executive Board decision 2004/8 on joint programming

Decision 2004/8

Agenda item 10 - Private Sector Division work plan and proposed budget for 2005


Agenda item 11 - UNICEF financial report and audited financial statements for the biennium ended 31 December 2003 and report of the Board of Auditors


Agenda item 12 - Pledges for 2005



Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNICEF, UNDP/UNFPA and WFP

Provisional annotated agenda and timetable

Agenda item 1 - HIV/AIDS: Orphans and women

Children and HIV/AIDS: Background paper (Draft)

Women and AIDS:Background paper

Agenda item 2 - Gender

Pathway to Gender Equality

Informal consultation on "Strategies for gender equality - is mainstreaming a dead end?"

Agenda item 3 - Issues related to the transition from relief to development

Background Note

Annex 1 - Outputs of the Working Group on Transition Issues

Agenda item 4 - Simplification and harmonization

Action Plan - Harmonization and Alignment to help achieve the MDG's




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