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UNICEF Executive Board


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The Executive Board is the governing body of UNICEF, providing intergovernmental support and oversight to the organization, in accordance with the overall policy guidance of the United Nations General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council.

Latest updates

COVID-19 letter from the 2020 President of the Executive Board

Executive Director statement at the UNICEF briefing on COVID-19, 14 April 2020

The Office of the Secretary of the Executive Board is now on Twitter.
Follow @UNICEF_Board for news and information regarding the Executive Board.

Executive Board sessions in 2020 (see full Calendar)
First regular session: 11–13 February 2020
Annual session: 29 June–2 July 2020
Second regular session: 8–11 September 2020

Pre-session of the 2020 annual session and informal briefings, virtual conference room
12 July 2020
  Live stream - The meeting will be live streamed (for viewing only) from 10.00 a.m.   

Annual session, virtual conference room
29 June–2 July 2020
Information note
Credentials accreditation form
Participants' guide to virtual meetings
PaperSmart (presentations and statements)

Country programme document commenting period for Member States (2020 annual session)- 6–24 April 2020
Draft country programme documents for review (The commenting period is closed.)



The sessions of the UNICEF Executive Board are now PaperSmart. In-session documents (presentations and statements) will be available on the UNICEF PaperSmart portal.

The Executive Board reviews UNICEF activities and approves its policies, country programmes and budgets. It comprises 36 members, representing the five regional groups of Member States at the United Nations. Its work is coordinated by the Bureau, comprising the President and four Vice-Presidents, each officer representing one of the five regional groups.

The Executive Board meets three times each calendar year, in a first regular session (January/February), annual session (May/June) and second regular session (September). Executive Board sessions are held at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The Office of the Secretary of the Executive Board supports and services the Executive Board. It is responsible for maintaining an effective relationship between the Executive Board and the UNICEF secretariat, and helps to organize the field visits of the Executive Board. 

The Office also provides editorial and technical services for all documentation related to Executive Board sessions and meetings, decisions, reports of sessions and the country programme documents repository. A selection of key documents related to the work of the Executive Board can be found under resources.

More information on the Executive Board can be found in the Informal Guide.



Informal Guide to Executive Board

Rules of Procedure

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