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About UNICEF: Employment

How to Apply and NETI Selection Process

How to Apply

Each year the NETI Programme will advertise Generic Vacancy Announcements (GVA) in specific functional areas depending on critical talent gaps and staffing needs of the organization. The NETI recruitment campaign in 2018 is closed for application, and the next round of recruitment will take place in summer 2019.

For a list of UNICEF’s core functional areas, please click here.

If you would like to be notified via email regarding vacancies in your area of expertise, please sign up for UNICEF’s job alert.

There is no fee to apply to the NETI Programme. Beware of fraudulent job offers.

NETI Selection Process

Please note that the selection process may vary slightly depending on the vacancy.

Application Submission (4 weeks)
Candidate to complete the following:
1. Complete an e-Recruitment Profile for the NETI Programme, Generic Vacancy Announcement
a. Be sure to indicate your personal and professional background with reference to the requirements and competencies outlined in the Vacancy Announcement.
b. Carefully review eligibility requirements.
2. Cover Letter
a. Be sure to include a cover letter as part of the e-Recruitment profile submission.
b. Submit a separate cover letter for each position applied.
3. Multiple Choice Questionnaire
a. Please complete a series of multiple choice questions.
b. The questionnaire will refer to your professional background and basic technical knowledge of the functional area.

For help on Talent Management System access, please contact eRecruitment@unicef.org.

HR Shortlist (approximately 3 weeks)
The Division of Human Resources and the hiring Office will shortlist candidates based on the criteria outlined in the Vacancy Announcement and the results of the multiple choice questionnaire. 

Online Assessment (approximately 4 weeks)
Candidates who meet above requirements will be invited to participate in a series of online assessments consisting of:
1. Language Assessment:  candidate will be invited for a written assessment and oral assessment in a 2nd UN language other than English.

2. Verbal Examination: candidate will be recorded while answering a blended set of questions (might include but not limit to motivational, technical and other general topics).

2. Written Examination: candidates will be asked to answer written questions related to the technical area of the position.

Internet access and a camera/microphone is required for the assessment.

Final Shortlisting (approximately 2 weeks)
A team of technical experts will evaluate the assessment results and recommend final candidates to be invited for the interview.

Interview (approximately 4 weeks)
Candidates who pass the above stages in recruitment are invited to an Interview, which will be conducted via telephone/Skype (45-60 minutes). The interview may include a blended format of questions and assessments, including but not limited to situational questions, competency-based questions, as well as a technical presentation and discussion. Candidates will be informed on the format beforehand.

You can click on the following document for a detailed description of UNICEF’s Core Values and Competencies. [pdf]

Reference check (approximately 4 weeks)
The Division of Human Resources will conduct reference checks for candidates invited for the interview. Candidates will have the opportunity at application stage to provide at least 3 referees, and recent performance evaluation.

Talent Group Placement
Successful candidates will be placed in the Talent Group associated with the relevant functional area for a period of three (3) years. Candidates included in the Talent Group will be considered for all UNICEF opportunities, including fixed-term positions, temporary appointments, and consultancies.

NETI Programme
Placement in a talent group does not guarantee participation in the NETI Programme.
Successful NETI talent group candidates might be approached by UNICEF offices for opportunities. Once NETI candidates are appointed to fixed-term posts*, they may be included in the NETI Programme, subject to the duration of the post, funding availability and equal distribution of posts across functional areas and regions. 

*NETI candidates in the Emergency P-3 Talent Group might be selected for Temporary Appointment (364 days) and Fixed-term positions (1 year) and participate in the NETI programme for the duration of the assignment.


Due to the high volume of applications, you may only receive an electronic confirmation of your application. Only selected candidates will be contacted through a formal correspondence via e-mail. Please do not contact UNICEF or staff members to enquire about the status of your application.



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