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About UNICEF: Employment

What Does NETI Offer?

Training and Development Opportunities

NETI participants have the opportunity to go through a unique learning and development path, beginning with an Induction at UNICEF’s New York Headquarters (NYHQ). As part of the Induction, participants attend learning sessions to further increase their familiarity with the processes of the organisation.

Each participant has the opportunity to work with a personal coach to develop his/her competencies. In addition, a variety of other learning resources are available to strengthen his/her skills and knowledge. Under the NETI Programme’s mentoring scheme, participants have the opportunity to choose a mentor - a more experienced UNICEF staff member - who will be available to provide them with advice and organisational support.

Overall, each NETI participant’s learning is monitored closely to ensure that they are exposed to opportunities that will facilitate their career development.

Insight into HQ Operations and International Placement

Insight into HQ operations

During the Induction at UNICEF’s New York Headquarters, NETI participants get an overview of the organisation’s strategies, initiatives and challenges. NETI participants are also provided with networking opportunities with New York Headquarters’ staff, in order to better understand the functional areas they will be working in during their field assignment.

International Placement

UNICEF is the leading advocate for children’s rights, active in 190 countries through country programmes and National Committees. NETI participants are expected to be geographically mobile and willing to serve in emergency and hardship duty stations based on the needs of the Organisation.

Mentoring, Coaching & Support

During their work appointments, NETI participants receive dedicated support for their development at the Induction and through the mentoring and external coaching components, which help develop their personal and professional skills and maximize their performance. In addition, continuous support is provided by each participant’s respective supervisor in his/her assigned duty station.

As part of the NETI Programme mentoring scheme, participants have the opportunity to choose a mentor - a knowledgeable and experienced UNICEF staff member who will be able to:

  • Identify the most relevant information/documentation from sources inside and outside UNICEF;
  • Increase awareness and integration of cross-cutting issues to programming/operations work;
  • Provide a broader perspective on the challenges facing the Organization, a region, and/or a country office;
  • Offer insight to the culture and informal communication lines of the Organization;
  • Explain how UNICEF works in partnership with other UN agencies and key stakeholders.

Each NETI participant will work with an external coach. Based on a mutually agreed learning plan, the coach provides support to the participant’s development in line with the NETI Programme’s competencies and assigned work goals. Each coach also provides the participant with examples of self-learning materials and other available resources.

Supervisor Support
Each NETI participant will work closely with his/her supervisor in the respective duty station. The supervisor will be responsible for evaluating and reporting performance, as well as provide support to the NETI participant by guiding him/her on specific development needs, in which the participant shall develop with his/her coach or mentor. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to provide ongoing and continuous feedback on the NETI participant’s performance.

Support Roles in the Context of the NETI Programme



Compensation and Benefits

Staff members of the United Nations are provided with various benefits and allowances as part of the conditions of service. The terms and conditions under which benefits and allowances are available to staff members are established by the Secretary-General in accordance with the United Nations Staff Rules and Regulations. Hence the information below is subject to change.

Please note that some entitlements below are based on eligibility requirements.

Base Salary Scale for Professional and Higher Categories
The salary scales for the Professional and higher categories are expressed as gross and net base salaries and applied uniformly, worldwide, by all organisations in the United Nations common system. For up-to-date information on the UN system of salaries, benefits and other related entitlements, please click on the following link: http://www.un.org/Depts/OHRM/salaries_allowances/salary.htm

Salaries are paid at the dependent rate when a staff member has a dependent spouse or a dependent child. For more information, please visit: http://www.un.org/Depts/OHRM/salaries_allowances/allowances/depall.htm

In addition to Base Salary, employees benefit from family friendly, work-life, and diversity policies, and UNICEF is committed to maintaining a balanced gender and geographical representation. Other Benefits and entitlements include:

For further information on UNICEF's compensation and benefits, please click here.



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