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Private Fundraising and Partnerships, Governance Unit, UNICEF Geneva


There are 36 National Committees for UNICEF in industrialized countries that raise about one third of UNICEF’s overall income year on year and advocate for children rights in their countries. The National Committees are national not-for-profit NGOs, legally independent from UNICEF.

Since 2008 UNICEF is supporting National Committees as they improve their (corporate) governance as a necessary condition for successful fundraising and child rights advocacy. Governance is understood in this context as the structure, systems, processes and procedures that govern, regulate and control the operations, including effective Boards, effective management and operational policies, transparency, ethics, internal control and risk management.

Studies for the private for-profit sector reveal a direct correlation between implementing a focused governance agenda and positive financial results, be it sales, income, shareholder value, dividends, etc.

The purpose of this research internship is to conduct a study into the availability, and the relevant conclusions, of similar research for the not-for-profit sector. Specifically,  as part of its results-based management approach and for communication purposes UNICEF is interested to have better insight into the relationship between putting a focus/investing resources into good governance and the financial and other results of not-for-profit entities, especially fundraising ones, in industrialized countries.

The UNICEF’s Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division in Geneva (PFP) is responsible for managing the relationship with National Committees for UNICEF. The Governance Unit within PFP is a small team whose main responsibility it is to provide guidance and advice to these National Committees on all matters related to governance.

Duty station:

Geneva, Switzerland


Katharina Borchardt, Chief Governance, PFP

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with the Supervisor, develop research project plan, focusing on desk (internet-based) research and possibly interviews with select not-for-profit entities similar to UNICEF National Committees
  • Undertake research, as per the research plan
  • Draft analysis paper, with recommendations for future use of the research findings
  • To enhance the learning and as time allows, participate in and contribute to the daily work of the GovUnit

Qualifications and competencies:

  • Enrolment in an international business administration programme at the Masters level, preferably in not-for-profit management, focus on governance an asset
  • Knowledge of governance concepts and rationale  
  • Proven research and excellent writing experience
  • Demonstrated drive for results and commitment to timely delivery of quality products
  • Ability to work in an multicultural environment and to establish harmonious working relationships in an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Good interpersonal communication skills

Duration of the internship:

14 October - 31 December 2013

How to apply:

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, a CV and a P11 form (Download Personal History P11 Form) to Katharina Borchardt at kborchardt@unicef.org with subject line “Governance Intern” by 30 September 2013.




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