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Fundraising Fellow, Urban Planning and Programming, New York

Duration: 3 Months: May 15 2013-August 15 2013 (New York based)

Hundreds of millions of children and young people living in poverty are often overlooked. Already, one city dweller in three lives in slum conditions, lacking security of tenure in overcrowded, unhygienic places characterized by unemployment, climate-induced disasters, pollution, violence, poor services and competition over resources. Infrastructure and services are not keeping up with urban growth in many regions and children's most basic needs are not being met.
UNICEF is responding to these increasing risks by developing global policies & programmes and policies that focus on building sustainable cities for and with children and young people, in close partnership with the private sector and municipal leaders.

The Urban Fundraising Fellow will support the development of new and innovative fundraising materials relevant to building partnerships to foster safe and sustainable cities for children and young people and Child Friendly Cities work globally. This work will strengthen UNICEF's advocacy for and programmes around marginalized urban children.

1. Expected results:
Deliverables Timeframe
Map fundraising opportunities 1 June 2013
Develop fundraising material draft on intra-urban data;  1 June 2013
Develop fundraising draft on global integrated programming;  1 July 2013
Develop fundraising draft for the Safe and Sustainable Cities for All (SSC) joint programme; 1 August 2013
Research potential private sector partnerships and prepare draft fundraising strategy for urban programming.   1 August 2013
Two deliverables of interest to the Fellow to be added. 

2. Key competences, technical background, and experience required:
This position requires an individual with strong self-initiative, proven grant writing and fundraising experience in the field of international development, creativity and ability to multi-task. Experience with issues such as urban planning, public health, sustainability, sanitation and climate change in urban areas is also an advantage, as is prior work experience with the United Nations.
- Bachelor’s degree required. Candidate’s currently enrolled in master’s degree programmes in international development, marketing, business administration, or a writing-related field preferred;
- At least 3 years relevant experience working on successful fundraising proposals is preferred;
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
- Experience working within a highly results-oriented non-profit, municipality and/or UN agency required;
- Fluency in English;
- Ability to work in a team and in a diverse work environment.

Please send a resume, cover lever, and (2) examples and/or descriptions of successful fundraising proposals you have authored in the past to kconstabile@unicef.org by 7 June 2013.




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