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About UNICEF: Employment

Boualiane Obmalay


Information Communication Technology Officer
Information Communication Technology, Operations

Nationality: Lao
Education: B Ed. towards MS, Information, Communication and Technology
Field of Study: Computer System Development, Organization and Networking
Languages:  English, Lao
“Working for UNICEF is a great honour to serve children and women not only for my own country but globally.  It’s a learning organization where staff can enrich their knowledge and experiences.  Working in UNICEF ICT provides me with the Mandate, Mission, Art and Science to support the country programme implementation.”
UNICEF has provided me with the opportunities to grow in my professional and personal paths and serve in a number of countries.  It’s a great honour to be able to keep the ICT functions stable, provide ICT support to countries in the region, and also provide ICT emergency support when required.

I joined UNICEF in 1991 as a Programme Assistant in the Water and Environmental Sanitation section of LaoPDR. Here I helped in the design and construction of the water supply and sanitation systems. It was also then that I supported the office with ICT and Budgeting until I moved into the ICT field in 1998.

In my current position as an ICT Officer, supporting the ICT functions in the office is my key area but from time to time I also support other country offices when required, such as completing the Active Directory migration in the UNICEF Malaysia office in 2008, and backing up ICT function in UNICEF Mongolia in 2009.  One of my best experiences was providing three months emergency ICT support during the recovery from the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

As UNICEF ICT platforms change, the biggest challenges are to complete, comply and manage the system to support the office programme and operations implementation, as well as prepare for the VISION roll-out.  

My advice to aspiring UNICEF applicants – Work with people, be a good listener, be open and committed to the work.  Having the opportunity to work for UNICEF to serve children and women is a privilege.



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