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About UNICEF: Employment

New Initiative to fill UNICEF’s Talent Groups

Highly qualified and want to work at UNICEF? Apply to join a UNICEF Talent Group.

UNICEF strongly encourages job seekers with relevant professional experience and qualifications to apply for inclusion in one or more of our Talent Groups, UNICEFs primary sourcing method.

A UNICEF Talent Group is a pool of potential employees defined by area, expertise and level of seniority, from which UNICEF offices worldwide can quickly select to fill a role through an expedited recruitment process when an employment need is identified.

To join a Talent Group, submit an application in response to UNICEF Generic Vacancy Announcements (GVAs) that are periodically advertised in the UNICEF online e-recruitment system among other vacancies. A candidate who meets the required GVA qualifications may be invited to participate in a detailed assessment of their skills and experience. The process includes competency-based interviews, technical tests, and may include other forms of written and verbal assessment, so as to ensure all candidates in a Talent Group are properly evaluated prior to recommendation for a specific vacancy.

Successful candidates will be notified and placed in a Talent Group for a three-year period. Applicants are welcome to apply to more than one Talent Group, and those who don’t meet the qualifications are invited to reapply.

UNICEF has found that recruiting from Talent Groups significantly reduces the time to fill vacancies, many of them urgent. Talent Group participants have an advantage of early consideration for a variety of posts, having undergone only one thorough application process.

Talent Groups represent a great opportunity for employment at UNICEF. Be sure to visit www.unicef.org/employ regularly to learn about upcoming GVAs.

UNICEF uses Talent Groups to select qualified, pre-assessed candidates for a variety of vacancies. Hiring offices review relevant Talent Group candidates when there is an opening and can directly select them for positions. In this Direct Selection Process, the approval time is shortened significantly.

Current Positions:
There are no current opportunities at this time. Please continue to check back for updates.

Resources for Job Applicants
• Understanding UNICEF’s Selection Process
• General Employment Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions about UNICEF Talent Groups and Generic Vacancy Announcements:

1. Can I apply to more than one Generic Vacancy Announcement?
Interested professionals may apply to any and all Generic Vacancy Announcements for which they qualify.

2. Can candidates in a Talent Group apply for other vacancies or job-specific announcements?
Candidates in a Talent Group are encouraged to apply for any vacancies for which they qualify.

3. If admitted to a Talent Group, do candidates need to take tests and interview for any UNICEF vacancies?
UNICEF policy requires a hiring office to follow standard recruitment processes for all vacancies that do not use Talent Groups as a means of selection.

4. How long does a candidate in a Talent Group have to wait before being reviewed for a post?
Candidates in a Talent Group are normally reviewed when a position in their functional area and level becomes available. Candidates in a Talent Group remain eligible for positions for up to three years.

5. What if a candidate in the Talent Group is not interested in the vacancy for which they are contacted?
Candidates in a Talent Group can decline consideration for positions for which they are contacted.

6. What if more than one Talent Group member appears suitable for the position?
Candidates in a Talent Group are reviewed on a comparative basis, with due consideration to gender and geographic diversity.

7. Are Talent Group participants guaranteed to get a post?
There is no guarantee of selection for a position. However, by being in a Talent Group they may get more exposure within UNICEF.

8. Is there someone at UNICEF I can contact about Talent Groups?
Yes, please contact talentgroups@unicef.org, and a staff member will get back to you promptly.



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