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About UNICEF: Employment

Tour of Duty

Duration of Assignments and Eligibility to Apply to Another Post

The period an International Professional (IP) staff member is normally expected to serve in a duty station is determined by the mobility and hardship classification of the duty station, which is established by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) according to prevailing living conditions.  The UNICEF tours of duty under the hardship classification are:

  • H (Headquarters) and A duty stations are five (5) years
  • B duty stations are four (4) years
  • C and D duty stations are three (3) years
  • E duty stations are two (2) years

You can find out about the current hardship classification of a duty station by viewing the Consolidated List of Entitlements Circular available on the mobility and hardship section of the ICSC website.

In terms of eligibility requirements to be considered for another post, staff members can only apply for a post at another duty station one year before the end of his/her tour of duty at the current duty station as stipulated by UNICEF's Staff Selection Policy CF/EXD/2009-008.  UNICEF Representatives are normally expected to serve their full tour of duty before they apply to another post.  Staff members can apply for a new post in the same duty station after having served at least one year in his/her current post.


CF/EXD/2009-008 Staff Selection Policy




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