Develop a global partnership for development
(MDG 8)

Creating a global partnership for development

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Reaffirmation of the Millennium Development Goals was one of the greatest achievements for children in 2005.

In September, world leaders convened at United Nations Headquarters in a high-level summit. An important outcome of that meeting was a renewed commitment to the Goals – by the countries that created them. Goal 8, to encourage a global partnership for development, finds its highest expression in the compact made by these leaders as they pursue ambitious plans to lead their people out of poverty and towards a better future.

Progress made worldwide

Progress towards the goal was seen in many places worldwide: from the July G8 Summit in Scotland, where the group wrote off the debt of 18 of the world’s poorest nations and agreed to increase aid to developing countries by around $50 billion a year by 2010, to the commitment of European Union donors to provide the targeted 0.7 per cent of gross national income in official development aid by 2015.

At the regional level, cooperation included events such as the First Islamic Ministerial Conference on the Child in Rabat (Morocco), organized jointly by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization and UNICEF to address issues important to the well-being of children in the Islamic countries and countries with large Muslim populations.

Collaboration at the national level is reflected in such countries as Ecuador, where UNICEF works closely with civil society and the government to make the country’s budget-allocation process transparent, supportive of children’s needs and more reflective of a state of rights than a state of privilege. As a result, in 2005, an additional $180 million was identified within the Ecuadorian budget for investment in education and health.

A network of partnerships

A strong network of partnerships is in keeping with the spirit of Goal 8 and is crucial to attainment of all the Goals.

UNICEF helps obtain and extend resources for children through partnering with a wide range of private companies. Such partners are also moving beyond purely financial support to provide broad expertise in service of UNICEF’s mission. Civil society is also being engaged on every level; to strengthen this engagement, UNICEF is currently undertaking a review of its policies and practices as a partner to civil society.